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Sunday, August 8, 2010


My Birthday Boy,
I am in are THREE years old!! That's the same age Scarlett was when you were born. It's wild because I feel like these three years have gone super fast so you still seem like my little baby. However, you have told me on more than one occasion that you are a big boy. You love doing big kid things like your sister-she is your hero! Sometimes I sit and listen to you two playing together and my heart is just filled with joy. What a blessing it is to see your friendship grow.

I think one of your favorite things right now is playing games on the computer or my phone. You are your daddy's son and can figure any electronic game out in about 5 minutes. I think you will be an engineer one day...either that or an attorney because you are also SO persistent and try so hard to wear me down with your repetitive questions. You are giving me a run for my money :)

You are determined, strong, loving and hilarious. You have the very best laugh in the whole wide world and no matter where I am in the house, when I hear you laugh I have to join in.

This will be a different year for us...I hope you will adjust well to having Scarlett in school all day and that I will be a good substitute playmate for you. I am praying already that you enjoy your Mother's Day Out starting this fall. You tend to still have some separation issues and I'm just a tad nervous about how you are going to do, but I know it will be the best thing for you. I don't know what I will do with myself those two days that you are gone! I hope you make some great friends and that your teachers will find you just adorable as we do.

I hold you any chance you give me these days because I know before too long you won't want to sit in my lap. Thankfully for now, you still love for me to hold you after bath and sing you songs. You have my heart sweet buddy. Every day is better with you in it and I am so lucky to be your mommy.


Don and Lisa Osborn said...

What a special post for your little man. No matter what, you'll always be his first love.

Enjoy this special day!

Happy birthday, Clark!

The Fletchers said...

Happy Happy Birthday Clark!!!!

Jaime said...

What a sweet & happy boy! Happy birthday, Clarky.

mimi47 said...

It was so fun having Clark spend 3 days with us. We really got to know him better and become even more attached to him than we already were. God has blessed him with an unquenchable curiosity and an appetite for discovering how things work. He's a special boy and we are so thankful he's our grandson! All our love Clarky on your 3rd birthday!!!