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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


My good friend Lisa tagged me to come up with some of my memories, so here goes:

In honor of Halloween, I remember going to a haunted house with Jaime and my grandparents. Jaime got scared before we even went in and I freaked out about 10 seconds after entering. My grandpa asked for his money back

I remember sitting on the front porch with PawPaw eating red Popsicles and watching the cars go by

I remember going to the beach with my family

I remember sitting in front of the TV on Saturday nights watching Hee Haw and getting my hair put in sponge rollers

I remember the day my mom told us she was going to have another baby...we weren't thrilled

I remember Maw Maw answering the phone in the middle of the night and saying " eleven-eleven!!!" ( that's how much Jordan weighed when he was born)

For my friend Marta, I remember being at the James' house on a Sunday afternoon when we heard that Rachel Lane Fenter was born

For my friend Lisa, I remember going to dinner with her for my birthday and having her say that she was having a hard time driving...little did we know what was ahead

I also remember the doctor coming out of surgery and Don telling us that she was doing OK and would be fine

I remember trying out for the dance team as a freshman in high school. My dad told me to dance like no one was looking and I could do anything I put my mind to. I made it :)

I remember going to California with the dance team during Spring Break. Half of the squad got food poisoning during our trip to Medieval Times. I had to do the routines the next day without my partner...I looked like a dork but at least I wasn't one of the ones in the hospital!

I remember hanging out with Kim, Suzanne, and Amy in the LCU dorms. No one wanted to come to my room because my roommate had a foot fungus and it was stinky

I remember going to dinner at the Adam's house for a blind date with a guy named Brody. I figured since they had six kids, if we didn't hit it off, I could always play with the kids and ignore the guy...needless to say, I liked the guy

I remember our wedding day. Everything was perfect until after the wedding when we discovered someone had broken into the dressing room and stolen all the purses

I remember coming home from a PTA meeting to take a pregnancy test (positive)

I remember 33 hours of labor and finally getting a C-section

I remember hearing "it's a girl!!"

I remember coming home from Ladies Bible Class to take another pregnancy test

I remember hearing crying and "it's a boy!!"

I remember sleeping through the night...oh how I miss that :)

It was fun walking down memory lane. I hope that I help Scarlett and Clark make as many happy memories as I have. If you have the time, I tag Suzanne and Marta.

(by the way...I don't know how to make Lisa, Jaime, Suzanne and Marta's names link. If anyone can tell me how to do it, this dummy would appreciate it! )

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Finally Fall

Well, it looks and feels like fall is here...for a few days anyway. Monday we were supposed to go to the Pumpkin Patch but had to skip it because of the wet weather and high winds. So to fill our morning we made hot chocolate and decorated cookies. Scarlett had never had hot chocolate before and seemed to like it. I think she really just liked that I served it in a coffee cup for her. And, in true Scarlett fashion, she did NOT like the marshmallows in the hot chocolate. They had to be on a plate next to the mug.

mixing the "coffee"

sampling the marshmallows


her decorated cookie (like the new smile?!? it's all I can get her to do these days)

sweet Clark, hanging out in his chair while we were in the kitchen

Monday, October 8, 2007

Wild Weekend

This is going to be a crazy month. I think we have something planned every weekend. This past weekend was no exception. It started on Friday with Jordan's birthday. We all went over to my parent's house for cake, ice cream and presents. Scarlett and Beck had a great time singing to Uncle Jordan and even helped him blow out his candles.

Saturday morning Brody had to work a tournament so my dad joined me and the kids at the zoo. Scarlett has been asking to go forever and even though it was SO hot, we had a good time.

I think next time I might just take her to ride the train because honestly it's her favorite part of the zoo.

The most exciting (and exhausting) part of the weekend was on Sunday. Jordan's fiance Maegan was having a bridal shower so Mom, Jaime, Clark and I hopped on a plane to Dallas. We made it just in time to grab some lunch, go to the shower and get back on a plane headed home. Clark was a champ and hardly made a peep. I must admit, though, I had never flown with my mom and to say (as I did in my last post) that she is not fond of flying would be a vast understatement. I had no idea!!! I will not go in to details because the humor we all found in her fear would really not be understood in a post. I will just say that she was a trooper and we all got a few laughs out of it.

I didn't get any great shots of the shower because I was nursing Clark for part of it, but here is a picture of Maegan (in red) with the hostesses.

This coming weekend will be another busy one with two more showers and our church Fall Festival. I am looking forward to all the fun, but hate that it is making October fly by so quickly!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Mimi!

Saturday was my mom's birthday. I had fully intended to bring a camera to our breakfast and get a shot of her with the kids, but since it was breakfast, I wasn't awake enough to remember. Anyway, here are some random pictures of her with the kids over the years. We celebrated her day by going to eat at LePeep. Jaime, Ben and the boys couldn't come because Ben's brother and niece were in town. They were missed! My mom is an amazing wife, mother, and grandma. honor of her day, here are ten fun facts about my mom:

1. She is a great seamstress. She can make just about anything which is why I have yet to learn how to do it myself. Plus, right before the big kids were born she got a monogramming machine so we have TONS of personalized stuff!

2. She is afraid of elevators. She was stuck in one as a child so she will take the stairs any chance she gets.

3. She loves shoes. She rarely buys things for herself, but shoes are her weakness.

4. She rarely watches TV, but when she does it's either the food network, HGTV, or the classic movie channel.

5. Not long after she and my dad got married, he went to Basic Training for the Army and she had to move back in with her parents and share a room with her 5 and 12 year old sisters!!

6. She claims as a child she used to drink coffee every morning for breakfast.

7. I think that's funny because now all she ever drinks is decaf.

8. She is very self disciplined. She gets up to go to the gym at 5:00 every wonder she looks so good!!

9. She loves to travel, but is not a fan of flying.

10. Now that I'm a mom, I realize how much she worried about, sacrificed for, and prayed over me. I am so lucky that she's my mom, and my kids are VERY luck to have her as their Mimi.

We love you Mimi! Happy Birthday!!!