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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween decorations

This is a picture heavy post, but I don't think there's any other way to show decorations! :) It's our first year in this house, so I've had fun finding places for old decor along with making new things. I have found a TON of darling things on new addiction. 

new front door wreath

I've wanted a burlap banner forever. A few people have teased me that the "L's" look funny, but I really liked this font.

I made these containers a couple of years ago, and they've held up pretty well!

This little guy has been with me since my teaching days. He was a gift from one of my students.

I am loving my chalkboard!

These aren't my decorations, but I made them for the kids teachers. Again...pinterest! I also made the caramel apples and I can vouch for them...they were delish!

This is a new find from Junior League's Marketplace Ole. He has candy inside his head...but I think Brody would grab a hershey bar every night on his way to bed, so you can't actually tell there's anything in there.
And, my mom made the cute little pumpkin for me :)

Finally, my fun bats. They really didn't take long to make and add a lot to the entry.
Hope you're all having a fun and safe Halloween. More pictures to come soon of all the things we've been up to this weekend!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Play date

Scarlett loves her brother. And, she adores her boy cousins. But sometimes a girl just wants to play with another GIRL! Jemma is a doll, but still a bit too young to play games the way Scarlett has in mind. 

One of Scarlett's best friends is Bella. We met Bella at Mother's Day Out when Scarlett was barely 3 and Bella was still 2. They were the only girls in a class full of boys! I don't have any pictures from that first year, but here they are the next year at their Christmas program. Bella is the cutie on the right.

They've taken dance together
(Scarlett has the headband on and Bella is all the way on the left with the bun)

They've enjoyed parties together

They graduated from Parkhills together

 And they are still friends today! We don't see Bella as much as we'd like now that they're in school, but last week since there was no school she came to play. They were SO quiet, I didn't think to take any pictures until the end of her stay. She brought over necklaces to make and they wanted me to take pictures of them as "twins".
Cute twinkies...even wearing matching skirts!

being "pirates"

I am so thankful for friendships. I know how important it is to have great girls in your life and Bella is such a doll...I pray they are friends forever!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Date night

Saturday night, Brody and I had a date night with friends from church. It's been a while since we've all been out together and I'm hoping it doesn't take us as long to do it again!! We ate at Rosario's (their white queso is to DIE.for!!), and then everyone came back to our house for dessert and the movie "The Burbs". It's a funny movie, but watching it with Brody makes it hilarious...he cracks UP!

the guys

 the gals

 the gang 
(minus Ben, our photographer)

Thanks to Jaime for the pictures! Let's do it again soon guys!!!