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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It was 127 degrees outside last week, give or take a degree...but we decided to have some fun outside anyway!

Briggs had to go potty so he couldn't smile :)
Scarlett is obsessed with her princess crown.

These kids are getting so big!

love this

I think the favorite thing of the day was the time we may skip the stink and heat and just do the train!

Waving to the people

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Clark's last day of school

Before I get into the actual post, I realize on my last post that I didn't really give too much info. We loved our first house. It was a good size for us, we had great neighbors, and we had worked hard to make it cute and "us". However, it was a LONG drive for Brody to get to work every day, and once Scarlett started Kindergarten it was a long drive for me too. We had the house on the market for ten l.o.n.g. months, but God is good! When we did finally get a contract on our house, we found a new one that had only been on the market for 8 days and was pretty much a steal. But the BEST was one street over from Jaime!! We have already saved so much money on gas, and I love being by my sister. :)

OK. So, now to the actual post. Ha. Clark had his last day of Mother's Day Out a week ago. I was nervous about how my boy would do in school this year. He is a bit of a mama's boy :) But, he did GREAT and I am so thankful that he's at a great school and had teachers that loved him so much!

First day of MDO

Last day of MDO
 My sweet guy had a wonderful year. He learned a lot, made new friends, and even went into class most days with a smile on his face. ha! Thank you Ms. Holly and Ms. Joanne for a wonderful year! We love you!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A few before and afters we've been in the house about a month, and there is still a TON of work to do. But, really, when is a house ever totally finished?!

the entry
(sorry about the bright glare)
the kitchen

almost after
*we are having the cabinets painted white and adding new hardware hopefully in the next week or two
dining room

*obviously we need a table. ha!
**and I need to buy more hooks for the curtains on the right
living room

*we have plantation shutters ordered and coming hopefully by the end of the month

So, there's still a lot of the house to see, and lots more to actually DO...but there's a little sneaky peaky. Come by and see us!