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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My monkey

I love this little guy (even with food on his face)...but if he would just agree to wear his sister's helmet all the time, I would feel much better about his safety.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

All that's left is the sugar high

Well, Valentine's Day is just a distant memory, but after all the excess sugar, I have killed off lots of brain cells, and have no original ideas to blog about. we go:

Mimi and Papa came over and Mimi helped Scarlett make this cute little mailbox

Chef Scarlett helping with her treats for her classmates
the finished product
Brody was out of town over Valentine's Day, so we went out the weekend before. 
And here's Brody at his tennis convention in Dallas with his coworkers...they look pretty good all dressed up...quite a rarity with tennis pros :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How would you like to be the new owner of this darling scarf? 
My very talented sister is opening her own etsy shop. To get more traffic at her store, she's having a giveaway. All you need to do is leave a message on her blog and then link back to the blog or her etsy store. She's taking entries until February 16th so enter NOW!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Sissy!

In honor of Jaime Lyn's birthday today, here are 31 random facts about her:

1. she was a thumb sucker
2. she had a "blankie" that I think was nothing more than a cloth diaper
3. both of the above are ironic, because now Beck is a thumb sucker and Briggs has a blankie
4. she was a happy kid...smiled so much we gave her the nickname Mr. Magoo
5. she is very tender hearted
6. she is double jointed and has really long fingers and toes
7. her feet used to peel when she was younger
8. she hated riding to school with me in high school because I was always late (I was a senior and she was a was my duty to be late-ha!)
9. even though she had her own room, she would come and sleep in mine
10. i loved playing with her this day, it is SO soft!

(here she is pregnant with Beck, holding Scarlett)
11. she's super crafty
12. if she doesn't know how to do something, she'll research it online or just do trial and error
13. I strongly admire her for that!
14. she used to cry about going to school, but was a great student and had lots of friends
15. in high school she had friends in different circles and was not a snob at all
16. she was shy, but has outgrown that now and has no trouble meeting new people
17. she's not big on talking on the phone...she prefers emails
18. for such a tiny little thing, she loves to eat!
19. she loves purses and shoes
20. her favorite sport is laying out :)

21. she usually orders the same thing at restaurants
22. she's a coffee snob :)
23. she's always up for taking the kids to a new place or trying something new (besides food) :)
24. she likes being busy
25. I have never known her to have one whole day that she was down...if she has a bad day it lasts for about an hour
26. I wish I was more like her
27. she's very involved with church and will do just about anything anyone asks of her
28. at Christmas she has always modeled her presents, and still does. i remember a picture of her posing with her big permy hair and new Seiko watch :)

posing with her diaper bag that Mom made for Briggs Jace
29. she does not use public restrooms-she will hold it until she gets home
30. she's the reason I wanted Scarlett to have a could you have a sister like her and not want the same thing for your daughter?!
31. she is the best friend (besides Brody) that I could ever have or want

Happy Birthday Jaime!! I love you!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We're City Folk

If you live around San Antonio, you know that the Rodeo is here! We haven't been to the rodeo since before Scarlett was born, and I think she would have liked it last year, but I really didn't want to take Clark who was still so little. Anyway, Tuesday was Rodeo Day at Mother's Day Out. Scarlett loves any chance to dress up and wear her boots, so she was excited.
As we were leaving for school, I told Scarlett she needed to wear a sweater because it was cool outside. She was upset because if she wore a sweater she "wouldn't be able to dance". I had no idea what she was talking about...the chicken dance maybe? She went on to elaborate that she just had to dance, it was RADIO day! Apparently we need to get this girl to the rodeo pronto~
(I took her picture after school, so her hair is kind of wonky)

Sunday, February 1, 2009


This was a fun weekend that I had been looking forward to for a while. We had our Ladies Retreat for church. For the first time in a couple of years I was able to spend the night. Last year, Clark was still a baby so I went up for the day, but there's something extra fun about getting away for the whole night. 

Here are Brody and Scarlett sending us off. (don't know what is up with Brody's hair)
Jaime was in charge of the decorations so we got to go up early and help her out
The finished product. The theme was "The fragrance of Christ" and the eucalyptus was really fragrant! :)
in front of the hotel
Jaime and Mom
Jaime also made all these lavender sachets for all the ladies. They were placed in our rooms to greet us when we arrived.
the hotel attempted to fold the towels into swans...this one looks a little sick-ha!
I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of our roomies Jenn and Lisa. Poor Lisa was a bit under the weather and went to bed early, and I guess we were too busy eating and talking to take pictures with Jenn. 
The retreat was in Fredericksburg. On Saturday I didn't take many pictures, probably because we were SO sleepy from staying up late and chatting (it's one of the best parts of the retreat...the fellowship!) When the retreat was over, we ate at THE BEST restaurant for lunch and then did some shopping. I hit the jackpot at a darling store called Beulah's and got some cute outfits for Scarlett. 
And how can you not go to Fredericksburg without hitting up Circle E for some candles?!
We had a great time and I am so thankful that there are ladies willing to put so much effort into a retreat so that we can get away to worship, fellowship and EAT together :)
Brody and the kids had a great time, too, and I am also really thankful to him for coming home early from work to play Mr. Mom. He did a great job~