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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Parties, Parties, Everywhere!

December is the month of date nights! Brody and I go out more in December than pretty much every other month combined.
Sunday night Brody had his staff party. Not all of the other tennis guys could make it this year so we weren't there too long, but it was still fun.

Tuesday night Scarlett had her school Christmas program. Unfortunately, Clark got sick that morning so I had to skip out on seeing my little sheep, but I'm sure she "baad" perfectly. hahaThe next night one of Brody's tennis teams hosted a party. They have a white elephant game that's always lots of fun!
Friday Scarlett had her Christmas party. Jaime and I are room moms and Jaime had the brilliant idea for us to serve happy meals. It was a huge hit for the kids and super easy cleanup!!
And finally, this past Sunday night we attended a debutante dinner for a "girl" Brody used to give tennis lessons. He couldn't get over how everyone had grown up and we're still exactly the same. haha!!
I honestly think I've forgotten to include a couple of parties, but we do still have our anniversary on the 29th to look forward to. :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My sister is awesome!

Seriously, she is. She had been wanting to do a craft show for a while so when this relatively small show asked her to sell her things, she said yes. It was a great first show and now she has some experience under her cute little homemade belt. :)Maegan helped her set up her darling table and I came a little later to mainly just sit around and eat hor d'oeuvres. ha! I was so proud of Jaime because she not only had tons of adorable things that she somehow managed to make while taking care of a home, a husband and three kids...but she did really well and sold a lot of stuff. It was a great night!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It seems like lately I've just been lumping lots of things into one post. Considering I have mountains of laundry, projects, gifts, parties, etc going on the next couple of weeks, I really don't see things changing in the near future. Oh least I'm getting things posted. :)

Last Friday, Brody and I took the kids to see Santa. Scarlett went with her list in hand and they were both excited to see the big guy.
Saturday morning I hosted my annual brunch. I think it's been about 11 years and what started as an ornament making party with my teacher friends to help fill up my Christmas tree has turned into a morning brunch with a gift exchange and lots of catching up. Anne left before she got in our picture and Layla couldn't make it this year. But in the picture below we have 11 children between us...9 boys and just 2 sweet girls. :) It is always SO much fun to visit with these friends!
Later that night, Brody and I got a date night! One of Clark's school friends parents actually had us over and it was fun to meet some new people. Jordan and Maegan came over with Paisley to babysit and the kids had a blast with that puppy!
Sunday after church my mom treated Scarlett and me to a showing of The Nutcracker. She LOVED it, and we had a great time. I'm looking forward to the day when Jemma is big enough that she and Jaime can join us.

And then, this past Monday, Brody's brother Casey and his wife had their first baby boy. Breslin is a cutie for sure, and I think Casey is just a little bit proud. ha!

Monday, November 29, 2010

November (in bullet form)

I haven't been great at documenting things lately, but since one day I hope to make this into a book, I figure better late than never. So here's what's been going on this month:

* Daddy/daughter date to IHOP. They were going to watch a football game, but the weather wasn't great so they opted for food. Scarlett may have been a tad overdressed. :)
*Clark and I had our own little "stay at home" date and read lots of books...and made crazy faces in the camera.
* I made my turkeys some matching outfits
* Scarlett made festive paper costumes and hosted us for a Kinder feast of beef jerky, chicken nuggets and grapes
* We went to my parents for Thanksgiving...Mom decorated her house and it was so pretty it looked like it could be in a magazine.
* The kids table...with Uncle Danny
* Post feasting pics

* Friday we took the kids to Bulverde for the "Festival of Lights"
* Only in Texas are parade "floats" pulled by 1947 tractors

* Mom got me "The Elf on the Shelf". I've been wanting that book for a while now. Scarlett is having a blast looking for "Blake" every morning. I'm excited for this new Christmas tradition.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween and Date Night

I didn't ever post a picture of the kids from Halloween. Scarlett wanted to be Tinkerbell and she said she had to have a "prince", so Clark was Peter Pan. :) I normally make their costumes but this year they were on sale at the Disney Store so I decided to save myself some trouble and just bought them. I love that Scarlett is crossing her legs...she's done this ever since I can remember-I guess she was just born a little lady. ha
We also had time that weekend for a night out. I get a lot of girls nights with Jenn and Jaime, but we decided to invite the guys along with us this time and it was a lot of fun. These are the only pictures I got-we must have been too busy talking and eating! After dinner we went to Jenn and Jeff's for dessert and watched "Date Night". It was really funny!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkins and Scaredy Cats

We're enjoying the fall festivities even if it is still 90 degrees outside! Friday, Scarlett's class had an impromptu field trip to a nearby pumpkin patch. I was happy to go as a chaperone and see the fun things the kids got to do. There was a story reading:
face painting
a maze
(this was by far the favorite thing!)
cute little cut outs
even Briggs got in on the fun :)
Saturday, we met the Bailey's at a local nursery for the annual "pictures in the pumpkins". We love going somewhere big like the apple orchard or corn maize, but with Brody still kind of hurt we just didn't have the time to go too far this year. This little nursery has a great set up and even a bounce, it's free! The only bad thing this year was that it was kind of drippy outside, so the bounce house was wet. So, my kids didn't want to jump. We may try to go back, or more than likely, we'll just wait until Trunk of Treats at church and bounce there :)

This picture cracks me up. The witch in the background was scaring Scarlett.
It's been a fun month, and we're looking forward to Scarlett's costume parade, Trunk of Treats, and Halloween!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's time for the tooth fairy!

**ps~ Thanks to all who were/are praying for Brody. He got word from the Dr. that it will not require surgery and he should heal just fine. He is getting some shots and they have given him a lot of thank you!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My guys

If you get a second today, I would really appreciate a quick prayer. Sweet Brody hurt his back...we think it's a herniated disc. About 4 years ago it felt the same way and that's what it was. He was out of work for 6 weeks getting physical therapy and epidural shots and did eventually get better without needing surgery. I am praying that will be the case again this time...but Brody is really hoping it won't take as long. He can drive and walk this time (last time he couldn't really stand up without feeling like he was going to die). Right now he can do a few things, but pretty much has to lay around on the floor all day. He feels helpless and frustrated that he can't work. Thankfully we do have insurance so it's not a matter of being able to pay the bills, but I'm sure as the sole provider for our family he is feeling some stress about that, too. He loves his job, loves the guys he works with, and misses being productive every day. He does so much for us...SO much. I'm realizing that now as I'm picking up his slack...good gravy he's a great husband!! OK...enough mushy stuff. We are meeting with the neurologist this afternoon and will find out what the next steps are for Brody's recovery. Please pray that things go well and that Brody is able to go back to work and feeling good soon. Thanks so much!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Darling Duo

Obviously I haven't had too much to say lately. I need to download pictures from my camera to see what's actually been going on around here because my memory fails me these days. haha

Anyway, Jaime made this darling dress for Scarlett as a birthday gift and then made sweet Jemma a matching dress. Scarlett thinks they're's so cute. Thanks Jaime!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Let's just hope they don't get matching lazy boy's

Before I start my post I just have to say, y'all, that my kids are both in school on Tuesday and Thursday and yesterday was the first day I was ALONE in my house all day in six years. HOLLA!!!
OK, now on to the real reason for this post. My dad worked HARD for the same company for 38 years. He finally sold his business and things were final September 1st. So, to celebrate he took us all out to dinner :) (seems a little backward, but none of us are opposed to a free meal-without kids. ha!) ((and I know this sounds like I don't like being around my kids...I do. I love them dearly. But a grown up dinner is a luxury!!!)
Can you see the excitement on their faces?!
They don't look old enough to be retired to me!

This is blurry...sorry guys.
The food was delicious. I wanted to take pictures of all the goodness, but before I got a chance Brody's plate looked like this:

Cheers! Poor Jaime came down with strep the next morning. At least we got our night out before she felt like death. haha

We got Dad a gift basket...some funny things and some real gifts to celebrate.
I'd blame the wine for his expression, but I think he only had one glass and that's really just the way he you know where Clark gets his funny faces for the camera. :)
It really was a wonderful night out and we are so happy that he and Mom can enjoy some traveling and time off.