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Friday, May 30, 2008

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Girl's Night Out and Crafting

These two things really don't go together, but I'm too lazy to post twice. Thursday night was a fun girl's night out. We went to dinner at La Madeleine and then to the Botanical Gardens to watch Shakespeare in the park. Honestly, I didn't even try to follow the play. Shakespeare confuses me to start with, and this one was set in space...totally lost. But, it was fun getting out and doing something different, and the girls had me laughing so it was a good night. A big thanks to Jenn for going back with me once everything was over to hunt in the grass for my phone. Luckily, we found it! And, thanks to Shannon, for coming up with the fun idea.

Now, Cristie, this is for you: these are my end of the year teacher gifts. One of Scarlett's teachers has a little girl who is also three, so the outfit is for her. A BIG shout out to my mom who saved the day as always. I am really intimidated by my new machine but have big goals, so of course, I bit off more than I could chew. I drew, cut out, and ironed on the appliques, but she sewed them on. I only sewed on the background fabric and I took pictures from far enough away that you can't see my crooked lines. But, I must say that once they were finished I decided I may try to do something totally on my own for Scarlett. It wasn't really that hard, but I didn't want to mess up something that was a gift, and the satin stitch seemed a bit tricky...we'll see.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It may not be summer...

Well it may not be official, but if it gets to 99 degrees, it's summer around here: 
playing with Papa
the water was a tad cool for him, but Clark likes it too
(and before you tell me I have great legs, think again...they're my mom's...and I'm jealous)

Once I figure out a way to handle them both in the water, this is basically where we'll be all summer. So thanks Mom and Dad for putting in the pool even though I was in college and thought it would only be used for Jordan and his friends since he was the favorite...I guess maybe, maybe I was wrong and you were right...maybe

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The two reasons I get to celebrate Mother's Day:

(warning: this video is boring. i know that, but needed to practice posting videos and haven't taught him many cool tricks yet)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Scarlett loves Max and Ruby. One of her favorite episodes is "Camp out". She has a one track mind and has been talking about a camp out ever since she watched it weeks ago. Last week, I took her to my parents house and my mom played camp out with her. Scarlett had a ball, and my poor mom escaped with only a few mosquito bites. I am not an outdoorsy kind of girl, but think a real camp out may be in our future...I think I may need it after reading Shannon's blog and mistakenly calling a fish a lizard!

If you notice in the second picture, my brother's twenty year old fort is a bit lopsided. It is VERY sturdy, but now my mom has decided my dad needs to dig it up and build/buy something new. Thanks a LOT Max and Ruby!