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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Party time (a week late)

Since the kids have birthdays 6 days apart, I am going to have one big party as long as they will let me! This year, I decided on an art theme since Scarlett really loves to draw. Clark is an easy going guy so he goes along with just about anything still. (I hardly got any pictures, but thankfully my family and friends did...thanks gals!)

When the kids first arrived, they decorated their goody bags.

Then the owner of the art store (and party coordinator) read the kids a book. I could choose any theme I wanted. Scarlett loves Fancy Nancy right now and Clark loves monkeys. Because I couldn't find a Fancy Nancy book about monkeys (ha), I opted for a gender neutral ABC book. The "teacher" read the book and then each child had a chance to decorate a canvas with their first initial.

After all the hard work, it was time to eat! We ordered pizza and it was so good! I think it was especially yummy since we were the first order of the day. The pizza came hot and fresh!!

Instead of a cake, I made cupcakes for the kids. Pink with Fancy Nancy toppers for the girls, and chocolate with monkey toppers for the boys.

I'd say it was a great party. There were a lot of kids, but the activity was engaging and I think everyone had fun. Plus, it was so easy for me...all I had to do was order pizza and make cupcakes...that's my kind of party! :)

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Jaime said...

It WAS so much fun! Thanks for throwing a great bash!