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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First day

Somehow, I neglected to post about the first day of school! The sweet little school that Scarlett attended last year closed after 30 years. We were so sad...mainly for all of the teachers that were out of jobs, and the high school students who had gone there since Kindergarten! We were also a bit anxious, as we were given about three weeks notice that we'd have to make other arrangements for this school year! But, God is always faithful and we think we found a great spot for Scarlett. She and her cousin Beck got the last two spots in first grade. :)
Ready to go!

sweet kisses goodbye from Clarkie!
I pray that this year brings her as much joy as her kindergarten year. I am praying for her heart to stay protected and pure, for her to make good choices and friends, and for her to learn academically. But I'm mainly praying that she learns God is always with matter where she is, or what school she attends!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Scarlett's room

We have finally moved to the upstairs portion of redecorating. The painter that we hired for the downstairs is going to be (hopefully) painting the hallway, bathrooms, and master bedroom, but Brody and I figured we could handle the kids rooms and the playroom. Scarlett's room was first on our list.

I am sorry that I didn't get any before shots because it was one BrIGhT room!! Brody primed it while I was out one day, and he didn't think of taking any pictures, but two walls were turquoise and two walls were purple. yikes!! We wanted a nice pale pink that will hopefully grow with her. We have mostly pink accents, but I'm thinking as she grows, she could easily change those to any color that will blend with the pale pink of the walls.

 this is the wall to the left of her door

 My mom is going to help me make a canopy to go over her bed, because Scarlett has been begging for that!

This wall looks kind of bare, but I'm planning on getting another canvas and having Scarlett paint something. She painted that heart, and I thought it would be cute for her to add a canvas every year or so.

She was so excited to have a "big girl" clock!

I still need to figure out some sort of curtains, but other than that and the canopy, her room is finished!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

4 is fun!

Today, sweet Clark Sullivan is FOUR!! Seems like just yesterday he looked like this:
one year old



and here he is now!

Here are FOUR things about my boy~

1. He loves sports!

2. "Baby" (the monkey) still goes most places with him.

 3. He is funny and FULL of personality!

4. Scarlett is his hero

Happy happy birthday sweet boy! You have made our life busier, louder, and better!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Today, my sweet girl is seven years old! Here's a little walk down memory lane:


1st birthday

2nd birthday

3rd birthday

4th birthday

5th birthday

6th birthday

 the big # 7!!

 I asked her to tell me seven things she thinks people should know about her:

1. I like to play video games
 2. I'm a good artist

3. I love my new kitty (a fur real pet from Mimi and's as close as she's going to get to a real cat!)

4. I've lost 5 teeth

5. My favorite colors are pink, green, purple and all the colors of the rainbow!

6. I want to be a doctor when I grow up

7. I love my family a lot, but I love God the most!!

We love you Scarlett Ann!! I am so happy God gave you to us. 

(thanks to Dphotography for this last pic...I have the CD, but haven't downloaded anything yet, so this is a picture of my picture. ha)