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Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's new to me

A few weeks ago my brother and Maegan moved to a new place. They didn't want their TV stand anymore so Brody brought it home. As is usually the case when you get something new it takes a little rearranging of other things.

This was a brown mirror that I spray painted silver and then used chalkboard paint for the middle
I moved some things around on to the new table so I needed something for this coffee table.
And here is the new table. We didn't need it for a TV but hated for it to be tossed out, so for now we are just using it as a side table. At first I wasn't sure how it looked but it's growing on me. Everything on this table is stuff I already had...who knew I had so much junk! ha~

Here is the reason I had to show you everything close family room is just that...for my family. Which usually means MESSY. :)
(and who knows what Scarlett is doing-probably showing me how strong she is...and she's wearing her "boxing" gloves. haha)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Pray for me!

Well, this is a day I knew would come and have been DREADING! My kids loved their passy's. They both did the same thing, which I think was really strange. They would have one in their mouth and then hold two and rub them on their heads or face...weird! After the kids turned one they could only have them to sleep. Anyway, we got rid of Scarlett's when she was two because she started biting holes in them. It was pretty easy but she quit taking naps once I did that...big bummer! Lately I have been telling Clark it was going to be time to throw his away soon because he's a big boy. Well, today he asked about his passy and I told him he was getting big and it was almost time to throw them in the trash. He went to his all FIVE passy's and then brought them to the kitchen and tossed them in the garbage!! I wanted to shout NO! and take them back out, but I know it really is time for him to dump them. And, he really does seem proud of himself. Let's just hope and pray naptime goes OK!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Me and my (little) guy

On Tuesday's and Thursday's when Scarlett is in school, Clark has me all to himself! Tuesday's are usually busy with Ladies Bible Class, but Thursday's we normally stay home and I try to get some work done around the house. This is kind of how our day typically goes:

As we get home from dropping off Sissy, he stops for a pose with his new "man-purse". ha! It's actually his car bag that Mimi made him.
While I sweep he sneaks a bit of chocolate. (he will NOT smile with his eyes open-it's kind of cute, I think...and if you could hear him he is saying "cheese")
He helps me clean the bathroom...
and undoes the work I just did cleaning the windows (These are actually really cool window markers from Santa-both kids LOVE them. And yes, he still has chocolate on his face)
We then decide to stop our hard work for a lunch break...more food on the face, and squinty smiles :)
But the best part is all the snuggle time that I get with my guy. He is just getting too big too fast. I love him!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Scarlett is really into the Wii these days. Her favorite is bowling, but the other day she wanted to try "the wrestling game". We were cracking up watching her! And I am not trying to neglect Clark, but he was already in bed. I will try to take some video of him soon!!
(ps- I have no idea why the words look so weird on this post, but I have to get back to my laundry, so it will just have to stay wonky this time-ha!)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Star Student

This week at school it was Scarlett's turn to be Star Student. I really want to remember every stage and since this is my journal I thought I'd write what she put down on her paper to share with her class.
Name: Scarlett Ann
Birthday: August 3
Where were you born: San Antonio
Person you admire: Mommy ( I have to clarify here that I'm not completely sure she knows what "admire" means)
Favorite food: cheetos
Favorite animal: cat
One wish: to have a cat (keep dreamin' sister)
What I'm good at: putting laundry in the basket; drawing
Favorite thing about school: the playground

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas and Anniversary

I am nothing if not a girl of my word, so here are enough pictures to make your eyeballs bleed. Ha!
Christmas Eve at the O'Bryant's
Sadly, someone forgot to charge the camera so we didn't get a lot of pictures from this night.

the kids making candy houses
(ignore my weird face)
Brody with the kids and Emery

Christmas morning!!

A while back our Flip video broke, so we have been using the digital camera to also take video. So...I don't have as many snap shots of opening presents as I do videos.

Clark's typical smile these days
Scarlett got a "suzy" pet as she calls it :)

Christmas at Mimi and Papa's

Scarlett's new easel
Jordan and Maegan in their longhorn jammies
It would not be Christmas without Jaime showing off a new accessory
...or Ben making a crazy face-haha!
We didn't plan it, but we are proud of our team (and hoping not to get shut out against Alabama!!)
playing with all the toys once home again
A few days later with Maw-Maw

Our 8th Anniversary was Dec. 29 so we waited until New Year's Eve and went back to Brody's aunt and uncle's place in Fredericksburg. It was the first time we have left both kids overnight and we only stayed gone a night but it was so much fun. I know we all had fun because when we got home Friday Scarlett greeted me with a frown saying she thought Mimi and Papa were staying a LONG time and that was short. I'm pretty sure it felt long for my sweet parents :)

before going to dinner
We ate at The Nest and Brody's aunt told us it is rated one of the top 10 restaurants in America. (I don't know what magazine she was reading, but the food was delicious!)
I did actually take pictures of the food, but I used Brody's phone and forgot to download them...and now I've put enough pictures on this post so you will have to just imagine. We had french onion soup, Brody had quail and I had a yummy chicken/portabella mushroom dish.

We aren't big New Year's party people, so after dinner we just took a little drive down Main St. to look at the lights. It was so pretty and this picture does NOT do it justice.
Anyway-it has been a fun Christmas break! Happy New Year!!