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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Big Day!

Today was the big day...Kindergarten!! I resisted the urge last night to look through old baby pictures, but it really does seem just like yesterday that she was sleeping right beside me with that big green passy in her mouth. And now...enough of the sap. My last few posts have been full of emotion, so this one will just be fun! Scarlett was SO excited this morning!!

We made the decision this year for Scarlett to go to a Christian School. I know that's not for everyone and there are things we will be missing by not starting off at a public school but for us this year, it's what we felt was best for our family. I'm trying to just take it one year at a time so who knows what we'll be doing next year.
One funny thing she said this morning:
"Mommy, everyone is going to wear their red shirts and blue bottoms or bouncers."
Me: "Bouncers?"
Scarlett:"Yes, those dress things"
Me: "Oh, you mean jumpers!"
haha. I guess to her, a bouncer is the same thing as a jumper :)

I did get a little teary this morning when we all met in the gym to pray and sing songs before being dismissed for class. It truly made leaving her so much easier...for me. She was already so into being there that she hardly noticed us walking out!

My big girl!


Don and Lisa Osborn said...

We were at China camp all morning and I've been thinking of Scarlett, Beck, and Regan on their big day. She looks beautiful and your butterfly is so ready to spread her wings and fly...(and come back EACH day!)

Love all the photos!

Never enough sap...


Jaime said...

It is such a good feeling leaving them there and together. We are so blessed, and they are too to have each other.

Big Fat Mama said...

I pray she had a wonderful day!!