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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Way Back When, I Had a Birthday...

My birthday was March 12. I'm so old that I can barely remember the day...thankfully I have some pictures to help me out. haha

This is what I got from Brody on March 11th in an email:


7:30 - Rise and shine to Starbucks Tall Nonfat Caramel Macchiato (w/1 Splenda)
 8:30 - Family Breakfast at LaMadeleine at Northwoods__________________
10:00 - Return home_________________________________________
10:10 - Leave Daddy and kids at home!!!____________________________
10:30 - Hair Appointment!_____________________________________
8:30 OR 9:00pm.ish - Murder, She Wrote with your hubby, with the company of Champagne and Ice Cream and Strawberries :)

Weather Forecast for March 12: Mixed clouds and sun, warm, high of 80.  Winds 15-25mph so dress appropriately!!!

Of course, schedule is tentative and subject to change :))))

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!  Have a wonderful day!!!

Including the weather forecast is so "Brody" and just cracked me up! 

outside LaMadeleine

I got my hair done, met my sister for some shopping and later ended up going to eat dinner that night with some new friends I've made at Clark's MDO. Their kids are in Clark's class and we've really hit it off. The picture is TERRIBLE-the poor waiter at least tried.

I had so much fun out with these girls that by the time I got home Brody was fast no ice cream or champagne for me. ha~

Somehow I managed to stretch my birthday out the whole week! :) Jaime and Jenn took me out to La Fonda. It was kind of a comedy of errors...Ben came home under the weather, the food menu had changed, the waiter was bad, and then Jenn started feeling puny and went home early. SO...we will definitely need a re-do! 

another blah was with my phone

That weekend, Brody and I had a date. Jordan and Maegan were out of town when we had my family "party". I am using that word lightly because basically it was after church. We all got our own takeout, came over to our house, and let the kids eat some cake and run around in the backyard. Still fun, but very laid back.
Anyway...the four of us went to the JW Marriott. It was pretty busy because of Spring Break but we had a great time and enjoyed some yummy food!

I felt sufficiently spoiled on my day  week, and have been working to burn off all the calories I consumed with so many fun dinners out!

Friday, March 18, 2011

In her own words...

A while back, Scarlett told me that she didn't really miss me, but she didn't see me much any more. (cue my heart breaking into a million pieces!) So...I told her that if she could get "purple" conduct and finish all her work on time for one whole week, I would let her have a day off. Here is her day, in her own words:

Mommy and Scarlett's Adventure!

Mommy and I took Clarky to school. We walked in my old teacher's room. I hugged them because I  miss them.
Then after I took Clark to school, I played tennis. I was REALLY GOOD! 

 Daddy played doubles and I was eating cheetos and watching. I love cheetos. Daddy is GREAT at tennis!!

 I was with mommy and me.

I was eating Taco Cabana because Mommy said I could eat anything I wanted. I ordered chips and quesadilla and sprite. It was delicious!

After lunch, Mommy took me to Toys R Us. I got some Squinkie doo's.

 Then I took a picture.

We went and got Clarky. It was fun. My day off was just like an adventure.

It really was a great time. I was trying to think back, and I honestly don't think that Scarlett and I have had a day with just the two of us since Clark was born. I mean, besides just running errands together on a Saturday morning. Wait...we did go to American Girl for her 5th birthday...OK, so it was the second time since Clark was born. But still...I want to do it more. I'm pretty sure I had as much fun on our "adventure" as she did!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Loves, lately

I've been in a bit of a blog funk for a while, so I thought I'd post a few of my favorite things these days:

1. Date nights! OK...this picture is obviously bad and blurry...but Brody and I went to the JW Marriott for dinner the other night and I wanted a picture of the hotel in the background. 

 The pic below is what happens with the flash on, but the picture of me is blurry because we turned the flash off. I don't know what the solution would be on our little point and shoot camera. If you have pointers for me, please pass them along :)

2. Warm weather! I love afternoons out in the backyard. 

3. Peeps :) I'm actually more of a Cadbury girl myself, but I think these look pretty on the table and the kids love them!

 4. Samoas...need I say more?!

5. pretty nails. This is hard to read, but my new favorite brand is Essie. This color is "marshmallow" and I love that it's clean and light.

So, there you have it...just a few of my favorites right now. Share yours with me...I'm always on the hunt for a new great thing :)