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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Sweet girl,
Happy Happy Birthday! I remember my prayer all through my pregnancy with you. I prayed for a happy baby. I am sure I also prayed for your health, but I just remembered thinking that if you were happy everything would just fall into place. God answered above and beyond my wildest dreams. You still are such a happy, carefree girl and Daddy and I are SO thankful for you!
You have the most vivid imagination and are so very creative. I think you take after both your grandma and Mimi in that department. You can just sit for hours making up a story or drawing, or creating. In fact, that is really my only worry about school. I hope you can somehow channel that imagination and not be too dreamy while you are supposed to be working!
When you were a tiny baby you were always so calm and content. I thought that might mean you didn't have any spunk as you got older, but boy was I wrong about that. This year you have really blossomed in the personality department and love to crack us up with your silly faces and stories. I'm sure you get some of that from your cousin sure do admire him! You also aren't afraid to tell me just what you think about something. I pray that you will always stand up for what you believe. (even if I have to bring you down a notch or two sometimes)
Even as girlie as you are, you love going to play tennis with Daddy. It seems you make friends easily (even on the tennis court) and are never too shy to ask someone what their name is and before I know it, you're fast friends. You see the best in everyone just like your daddy and I think it's one of your best qualities. Just yesterday you were asking me what made me love you so much and I just got a big lump in my throat because it's so many different things. Your pure heart sure is up there though as one of my favorite things.
You are loyal and kind and funny and loving. The other day we were talking about school and you said that you were going to find the loneliest girl and ask to be her friend. I hope that is always true. I pray that you will make friends and always BE a friend. As evidenced by your birthday list you don't seem to ever want to leave anyone out! I'm not really nervous about you going off to school because I know you are beyond excited, but I'll tell you that I will for sure miss you when you're away all day...and Clark will too!
Every year I think I will be so sad when this year is over and you are another year older. I thought that with five. I couldn't imagine saying I had a six year old...yet here we are, and it's better than I could have imagined as is always the case. Six is sweet for sure. I love you!!


Amanda said...

That was beautiful and very well written. Brought tears to my eyes. I hope I am blessed with a girl like yours.

Chera said...

Such a sweet post for your precious girl, Jill! She will treasure your words forever.

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Where was the kleenex alert??? Jill, this is a beautiful letter and tribute to your darling daughter.

I don't think I told you because I started typing it to you once and got distracted but one night in Faith Factory Scarlett brought me to tears. Suzy was trying to give modern day examples of people with faith and she showed some pictures of kids in an orphanage in Africa waiting for Mommies and Daddies. Scarlett raised her hand and said when she gets older if they still need a mommy she will be their mommy. I just know God is doing (and will continue to do) great things with her.


KMA said...

Very sweet Jill. Scarlett will LOVE reading your words and heartfelt love one day.

kara said...

aww i got all sniffly reading this! (i guess everyone else did, too) so sweet. scarlett is such a beautiful little girl! i pray so hard sometimes that i have a little girl to be my sweet friend just like this. happy birthday scarlett!

Jaime said...

She is a sweetheart, for sure. We are all so blessed by her. I hope Jemma will follow in her footsteps.

katie said...

Happy birthday, Scarlett! She is beautiful, Jill! SOOOO sweet about what she said about friending the loneliest girl in class.

mimi47 said...

Can't believe how blessed we are to have sweet Scarlett in our lives. She has a heart of gold and loves all of God's creation. She constantly amazes us with the wisdom and character she has for such a young little girl. May it always be that she keeps her childlike innocence and sweet spirit to all that come in contact with her!