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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Scarlett's Prayer

Usually at bedtime either Brody or I read a Bible story to Scarlett and say prayers with her. When I do it, I say a prayer, and then ask her what she wants to pray for. Usually she says three simple things like: Mimi, Daddy, Bugs Bunny...or something like that. Tonight was a little different. Here was her prayer:
"Help Briggs be a happy baby. Scarlett and Beck a not wanna fight. Thank you for Bible. Amen."
Sometimes the simple ones are the best!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Father's Day

Brody knows that I write a blog, but I don't think he's ever read it. Hopefully, if he reads this one he won't be too embarrassed. In honor of Father's Day, here are 10 reasons Brody is a great dad ( in no particular order):

1. Strong faith: He knows that God will always take care of us in any situation

2. Self- confidence: I really hope that Scarlett inherits this from him...he's not ashamed to say that he loves smooth jazz (gag!), and could care less where I buy his clothes

3. Funny: He's quiet, but has a great sense of humor once you get to know him

4. Friendly: He is nice to everyone he meets, and has the ability to find something in common with just about anyone

5. Positive: I cannot remember the last time he said something bad about someone

6. Hard worker: He never complains about his long hours

7. Loving: Brody is never embarrassed to hold my hand or give me (or Scarlett) a kiss or a hug

8. Honest: That one kind of speaks for itself

9. Responsible: He provides for us financially, and takes all of his jobs, at work and church seriously

10. Playful: Scarlett loves hearing the garage door open in the evening because she knows her "fun" playmate is home!

Of course, as I read that list, I notice that my dad has those same qualities...I really lucked out in the dad/husband department. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Mommy's Little Helper

The other day I was in my room stripping the sheets. When I came through the kitchen to take them to the laundry room, this is what Scarlett was doing:

The little stinker pushed the ottoman all the way to the sink, put the gloves on, and started "washing dishes" all by herself! Now, if only she really knew what she was doing, I would have SUCH a clean house!