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Monday, January 26, 2009

It's not the same without pictures

I really don't like to blog without pictures because I think it's boring, but I want this to kind of be a journal for our lives, so I'm blogging anyway. Here's what we've been up to:

1. Thursday night we had a girls night over at my house. It's always fun to catch up and chat without the kids distracting us. Missed you Lisa!
2. Friday I had a playgroup over and everyone had a great time. Then Jaime took Scarlett to spend the night. It was her first sleepover that wasn't at Mimi and Papa's. I have to say I missed her...the house was so quiet with only one child...but I think Clark loved the one on one attention from both me and Brody. Plus, Scarlett had a BLAST! Thanks again, sis~
3. I have become totally immersed in Kelly's blog. On Sunday, Richard (who is teaching our Bible Class right now) was talking about the "networking" phenomenon going on with stay at home mom's and how on average, the typical stay at home mom spends 5.5 hours A DAY on the computer. I don't normally spend that much time on here, but reading through Kelly's blog this weekend, I must say that number is probably about right. If you get a chance, check out her blog and say a prayer for them. 

Well, that's about it for the weekend. I'm going to try and start taking more pictures of every day things that go on...a journal is much more fun with photos, and I feel like I took millions of pictures with Scarlett, so I need to get better at that with Clark...(even if all he's doing is dumping toys out of the toy box or spinning around in circles until he falls down)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Because I was feeling worse after looking at that picture

I am feeling much better. Not completely well, but improved enough that I will no longer be posting pictures of my face without foundation like the good Lord intended. 

As I'm sure you mommy's know, when we are sick not much gets laundry, no cooking, no cleaning...etc. My kids have enjoyed dinners of mac and cheese and chicken nuggets for the last several nights, and while they aren't complaining, I think it's time I actually cooked a meal. Tonight we will be having pancakes and eggs...hey, it's a step in the right direction and we all love breakfast for dinner, right?!

I have said it before, but I'll say it again. I have a great husband. There are things he does that I don't understand (rubbing his feet together like a cricket, to name one), but he's still a great guy. This morning he gave me a great gift:

Oh, glorious day! He took the clothes from the dryer and folded them for me. What a guy :)
(I will not show you the mess he left in the kitchen sink...I'm singing his praises today~)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sick with a capital ICK


That's right people...I'm sick. The kind of sick where there's not even a point in wearing makeup because your eyes will.not.stop.watering. The kind of sick that you're so sleep deprived and loopy from cough medicine that you actually post a picture of your sick self for the world to see.  (As a side note, if anyone under 30 reads my blog, heed these words: SUNSCREEN is your friend...holy moly, check out all my freckles)
Clark started with it last week and while he was a bit droopy and snotty, I can now proclaim in the words of some annoying song, "he got knocked down, but he got up again." I on the other hand might die. OK...probably not. Let's just pray that Scarlett and Brody don't come down with it.
On a lighter note, the silver lining is that my abs have had a wonderful workout the last couple of days from all the coughing. Wait...I think that actually might be pathetic.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sweet seventeen

My sweet guy is 17 months old today. I haven't ever done a list for him, but I love when Jaime does them for Briggs so I thought I'd give it a whirl. (ps-that awesome picture above is by Sarah)
17 things about Clark Sullivan:
1. He loves being outside, and one of his new favorite things to do is slide
2. He loves to dance. Any time music comes on he will laugh and start bouncing back and forth
3. He doesn't say a lot of real words yet, but "uh-oh" is a favorite, which is good because he does a lot to cause uh-oh's :)
4. He LOVES to climb. This is something new to me because Scarlett never tried to even get on the couch!
5. He loves water, as you can see in the picture below
6. He's trying to give up his morning nap, but then gets really tired early, so we're trying to figure it all out
7. When he sleeps he needs at least 2 passies. One for his mouth and the other he uses to rub on his head (weird, but Scarlett used to do the same thing)
8. He is only allowed to have his passy in his crib. If he comes out with it in his mouth, he thinks it's so funny, and always puts it back in his crib when I tell him to.
9. It's easy to make him laugh and he's very happy
10. When he gets mad, though, WATCH OUT! He can be very LOUD!!
11. He likes dumping things out and then filling them back up
12. He LOVES Elmo. We've never watched him on TV, but Scarlett had this Elmo that asks for hugs and Clark fell in love with him.
13. He is good at giving hugs and kisses. He's a bit more cuddly than Scarlett was at this age (when he's still, that is)
14. He is a pretty good eater. He doesn't like everything, but he will at least try it. He always wants what I'm eating. The other day he even tried tuna (it did not go over fact, he started shaking his head no and fell down he was so adamant about it)
15. He loves phones, remotes, and pretty much anything that makes noise. 
16. He loves Scarlett. They are really starting to play well together and she's good at entertaining him. One of my favorite times of day is when dinner is over and they go to her room to play while I clean up the kitchen. It's so fun to hear them laughing together!
17. He loves to swing. Now that we have a swing set he likes to get out there every day and be pushed.

He is such a joy to us and while it kind of makes me sad that he's no longer a baby, it really is fun to watch him grow and do new things.