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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

100 Things...

It seems like a lot of my friends and family are coming up with these lists of 100 random things about them. I am going to take the challenge to see if I even know 100 things about myself. Here goes:

1. My given name is Jill Suzanne Elam
2. I am 32 years old
3. I was born at Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, TX
4. It is the same hospital where I had Scarlett
5. I had Wonder Woman underoos
6. In kindergarten I had to sit under the teacher's desk for pretending to squirt glue at someone
7. I never got in trouble again in Elementary school
8. Except in 4th grade when I had to write my name on the board for talking
9. Fourth grade was also the first time I got a valentine from a boy- a card and a velvet rose
10. I am not a picky eater
11. I hate listening to other people eat
12. I also hate hearing people smack/pop their gum
13. My favorite food is Chinese
14. My favorite TV show of all time is I Love Lucy
15. I don't have a favorite color
16. I played the flute in 6th and 7th grade
17. I quit in 8th grade so that I could take dance lessons
18. In high school I was one of three girls who made the dance team as a sophomore
19. On a dance team trip I got food poisoning and had to sleep with the dance team director
20. I later found out it wasn't food poisoning...I am allergic to oysters
21. I love going on vacation
22. My favorite place to go is anywhere with a beach
23. I do not like to unpack after vacation
24. I love getting manicures and pedicures
25. I do not like other people's feet and freak out when feet touch me
26. I am not a morning person
27. I still sleep in every morning until around 8:30
28. Because I am not a morning person, I can get up, shower, and get out the door in 45 minutes just so I can have a few extra minutes in bed
29. If I don't have to shower I can get out the door in 20 min.
30. I love coffee with creamer and Splenda every morning
31. I don't know how to make coffee
32. I do know how to mow and edge the lawn, but will be sore for a week if I have to do it
33. I have only lived in San Antonio and Lubbock
34. I don't wear contacts/glasses
35. I am not good at driving a standard car and could only do it in a severe case of emergency
36. I am a worrier
37. After lots of prayer, I am improving on that
38. I talk to my mom almost every day
39. I see my sister at least 4 times a week
40. I am not an animal person
41. The older I get, the less I like crowds
42. I am afraid of heights
43. Growing up, I always wanted to be a teacher and a mom
44. Becoming a mom has made me a slight germaphobe
45. I love watching movies
46. I eat ice cream almost every night
47. I love Magic Shell
48. Summer is my favorite season
49. I met Brody on a blind date
50. I love to organize and clean things out
51. I am a decent cook
52. I would love to take cooking classes
53. My birthday is March 12, 1975
54. I have a bad habit of playing with my hair
55. I had jaw surgery the summer before my freshman year in high school
56. I was hospitalized in college for a kidney infection
57. Because I'm a hypochondriac, I thought I had HIV from getting a tattoo
58. I have a tattoo
59. I also have a wild imagination
60. Besides my jaw surgery, I have never broken a bone
61. I didn't get chicken pox until the 6th grade
62. I can waste hours on the computer
63. I love taking pictures, but am not very good at it
64. When I was young, I loved going to Camp Bandina
65. My favorite chips are Cheetos
66. I am afraid of gecko lizards
67. I do not like to sweep/mop
68. I don't always make my bed when I get up in the morning
69. I am always behind on my ironing
70. I have watched Days of Our Lives since high school
71. My first car was a 1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
72. I skipped school a few times in high school so that my friends and I could go out to breakfast
73. I got caught by my dad who came up to school
74. I never sneaked out of the house
75. I have a guilty conscious and cannot tell a lie
76. Because of that, I would always confess to going to parties in HS
77. I was much more wild in college
78. After college I became more of a homebody
79. I loved my first apartment and living by myself
80. I love playing board games
81. I am not a fan of exercising
82. I love a clean car
83. I love having my back scratched
84. Growing up, I was close to my cousins on my mom's side
85. I failed my driver's test the first time because my mom's car died during parallel parking
86. I am a list maker
87. My wedding anniversary is December 29, 2001
88. I didn't cry at my wedding until we discovered someone had broken in and stolen all of the purses
89. Brody and I went to the Bahamas on our honeymoon
90. It rained the entire time
91. On the plane ride home, I sat directly in front of my ex-boyfriend right before meeting Brody
92. I don't like any type of cobbler dessert
93. I have been in two car accidents, both in the rain
94. I was baptized when I was 15
95. I shave my legs every day...all the way up
96. I have awesome siblings that I love dearly
97. My parents are my heroes
98. My husband is the perfect match for me
99. My daughter is a daily reminder of God's love
100. I love being pregnant

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Picture test

I just want to see if I have figured out how to post a picture. What a better test sample than my new "little pro".

First timer

OK...I am joining the bazillions of Americans blogging. This is really just a test to see if I can even figure out how to post. It took me about an hour to figure out how to put that picture in the corner of the blog, so if that's any indication, I'm in big trouble. Hopefully, this will get easier!