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Monday, June 28, 2010

It's all fun and games until someone's shoe breaks

Last Thursday night a group of girls from church got together for ice cream. It was fun because #1, who doesn't love ice cream on a hot summer night?! and #2 these are not girls I get to hang out with all of the time. It's great getting together with people I don't always see or get a chance to talk to on Sunday or Wednesday. Sometimes with kids we're all just running in different directions after church...usually I'm in a rush to get out the door because my kids are STARVING!
Bonnie, Tamra, Julie
Melissa, Michelle, Ashleigh, Jill
me, Jaime, Lindsay
We had lots of laughs and told some funny stories...until poor Ashleigh got too excited in her story telling and broke her shoe. Sadly, (or luckily for her husband) we talked too long for any stores to be opened after we finished eating ice cream so she couldn't go get new sandals.

Friday was play date at Jaime's house and I didn't get any pictures. Jaime made delicious homemade pimento cheese sandwiches and it was a fun and fairly uneventful time...that is until the two little boys came down with a rather mischievous look on their faces. I won't go into details, but for your own future reference if your child sucks on a tube of toothpaste, as long as it's children's (like sponge bob for example) they should be fine.

Saturday Brody and I took the kids up to the elementary school to play basketball and run around some. I even shot a few hoops myself and am now paying the price. I can barely lift my arms to wash my hair. sheesh. The kids were so hungry after about 20 minutes of playing so we ran to Costco because we were out of milk/fruit. We just decided to eat lunch there. Everyone scarfed down hot dogs except for Scarlett who made me take her dog out of the bun because the bun had sesame seeds on it and according to her only birds eat seeds. That girl! Later that night we went over to my parents to swim and relax some. It was a nice time and I think we wore the kids out swimming. Overall, it was a great day!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Help me out

I don't have any pictures today, but I do have two completely unrelated questions for you.

I am working VBS this summer and my booth is Jewelry. It's an Egypt theme and my partner and I have to decorate our booth and then come up with a craft. The suggestion was a big collar necklace type thing that the kids can decorate using paint pens and jewels. The kids are going to be in our center for about 20 minutes. Now, we were able to choose our booth and I thought jewelry sounded right up my alley :) However, I failed to think about the fact that I will have fifth grade boys. (kids will rotate and VBS is for kids 4 and up). Is there ANYTHING jewelry related that won't make them roll their eyes and basically goof off the whole 20 minutes? I was thinking maybe some sort of wristbands?! I need suggestions please!!

Totally unrelated, but I need help with some tunes. I admittedly am not a HUGE music person. I like listening to music and know what I like when I hear it, but I just don't listen to a lot. Here's my question: I've been walking in the mornings and need some new jams to get me excited about sweating it out in the 120% humidity. (the fact that I used the word "jams" makes me feel about 86 years old) Brody has been nice enough to loan me his ipod in the mornings but I've actually grown a bit tired of Def Leppard and don't really have the desire to start walking to Hall & Oats greatest hits or Tupac. haha. (he actually has an extensive music collection, but we have pretty different tastes as you can probably tell.)

Let me know if you can be of any assistance!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our week

Scarlett spent the night at my parents house on Tuesday. I think it's safe to say she has a great time. ha!

Clark and I were not to be outdone, however. We really know how to let our hair down and have a great time.

This week Scarlett and Beck have had swim lessons. We are so lucky that we get to just go to my parents house. While the big kids have lessons, the little ones play. Here they all are cheering Scarlett on at the end of her lesson.

Sweet Jemma wasn't quite as into watching :)

Here's a little clip of Scarlett swimming. I think she's getting pretty good! I am very thankful she's learning some things because the girl has NO FEAR in the water and it freaks me out.

I even got to have a little fun myself this weekend. Thursday night I met my friend Cecilia for dinner. We used to teach together and still get together to catch up. Heather was supposed to join us but her husband had to work late at the last minute so she had to cancel. Jaime usually comes too, but she had to miss also so it's just a great excuse to get together again soon! Then Friday I went over to Jaime's house to just play with Jemma and hang out for some girl time. It was great! I was too busy having fun at both of these things to take pictures. Actually I do have a pic of Jemma on my phone but of course I don't know how to download my phone pics to the computer and Brody isn't home right now. But just imagine me having a great time stuffing my face and holding a darling baby. :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's Summertime, This is Random

Have you ever seen two cuter girls in yellow?! Precious~

Here are the boys last year at Briggs's birthday:
...and here they are this year. Wow!

I love our church. I've grown up there, so obviously I think it's a great place. But I really love the Children's Ministry. They offer lots of fun activities for the kids all throughout the year and really work to get everyone involved. Scarlett has been SO excited about promotion Sunday. She couldn't wait to be in Kindergarten and get to go up to the second floor with all her friends. They have shirts in the summer that they are supposed to wear every week and she was just a tad bit excited about it, as you can probably tell. :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day

Monday was a great first day of summer! Scarlett's last day of school was the Thursday before and what better way to kick off the summer than with family around the pool.

The big kids are so easy now in the water! They take swim lessons every summer and can swim without the life vests, but I think it makes us all feel a little better when we have lots of people in the pool for them to wear the jackets. I think you can tell they had a ball and I know where we'll be all summer!
Uncle Jordan was nice enough to take Clark for a while before I got in the water. Clark actually mellows a bit in the pool, so needless to say I tried to keep him in as long as possible. haha. His poor teeth were chattering but he's another water bug and did NOT want to get out!
Sweet Briggs didn't want to get in this time, but he did enjoy shooting us all with his bubble gun.

I didn't get any pictures of my parents the hosts...probably because they were inside taking turns holding Jemma. (they're kind of baby hogs. ha!!)
I am very thankful for our free country and for having the day to spend with my family. I am lucky that we are not only close in distance but also with each other. It was a great day!