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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Confession Time

This is what I let my kids have for lunch. Fries and a frosty. Not with a burger. Not with nuggets. Not even any fruit. Just the fries and frosty. It's what they wanted and I gave in. Please tell me someone else has fed their children meals that are completely and totally nutritionally void. Please. Someone? Anyone?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Girl's Day-Alternately titled: Why I'm thankful Ben doesn't manscape his toes

Saturday was a great day. First of all, Brody is so sweet to let me go out and do things when he's home even if it means that I don't get to see him much on his day off.

My first part of the day was spent with Jaime. Ben had won some gift certificates to a salon here in town and she was sweet enough to ask me to go with her for a pedicure.
We needed fuel for our busy day so we stopped for lunch at Alamo Cafe. Then we did some shopping at Serendipity and Target-two of my favorite places.
And finally, we had an hour and a half long pedicure. It was so nice-I got to chat with Jaime and I even read an entire magazine without interruption.
Later that evening I took Jenn out to dinner for her birthday. We have been friends for over 20 years and she is always so fun to be with. (Yes...I had Mexican food again for dinner-don't judge.)

Overall it was a great day with great girls. I love them...and I am thankful for the men in our lives that take care of things at home so that we can get out every now and then. :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Latest Loves

Scarlett is obsessed with all things "American Ta*l". Ever since she found the old VHS at my parents house, she can think of little else. I guess kids just have one track minds. (says the girl who watches Golden G*rls every night before bed)

She got "Fievel Goes W*st" for her you think she's excited?!
She draws the little mouse every chance she gets.
Here he is being attacked by a mean cat.
And here is Mousekewitz Forest.
(we found this little pipe cleaner set at Walm*rt and she had to have it because of the mouse)
She has such an imagination-she has a Baby Bach CD that she plays and every song has a different "scene" that she acts out with the animals-she must have gotten this creative side from Brody.
Sweet Clark. Here are some of his favorites these days:

getting kisses from Daddy before bed

playing with his new cool remote control Fire Truck
(He loves any car, but instead of pushing it around, he will put it on one end of a table and try to push it far enough to make it fall off the other end of the table. It's a fun little game until one of those cars falls off the "cliff" and lands on your toe)

and his most favorite thing: destroying his sister's prized possessions

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Day, Buddy!

My baby is TWO today! I know I sound like a broken record, but where does the time go? The funny thing is, when Scarlett was two she seemed like such a big girl. Clark still seems like my baby. :)

He is definitely a mama's boy and while he will play by himself at times, he usually comes yelling "Mama" through the house to find me after a few minutes.

He is never still! Wait, I take that back...he loves for me to read him books so he will sit still for that. His favorites are Goodnight Moon, Thomas and the Big, Big Bridge, and Pat the Bunny.
He loves figuring things out...anything that has buttons he is immediately attracted to and wants to know how it works.

He is also a climber. No matter how hard I try to keep him off of things or whether or not he falls, he will get back up and do it again. Stinker~

He likes singing. Even as a newborn when he would be upset, I would sing in his ear and he would calm down. Every night before bed I sing "Seek Ye First". He even occasionally tries to sing "Twinkle Twinkle".

When I have a moment of weakness and let him have a camera, he enjoys taking self portraits :)
He is NOT afraid to let me know how he feels. ha! Thankfully, he usually has a fit and is over it pretty quickly. He has even done well with going to time out and staying there and then saying "sorry" when he gets out. It took one day of "training" but he has done well from that day on.
When anyone asks for a kiss, he will lean in for a smooch on his forehead. He's even started going up to Scarlett for "ugs" (hugs)

He wants to do EVERYTHING his sister does...good and bad. I love watching them together and no one can get him to laugh like his sissy.

We are blessed beyond belief to have him as our boy. Happy Birthday Clark Sullivan!! We love you!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lots Going On...

There has been a lot going on the past few weeks, but I just haven't had a second to sit down and blog! Since this is is a little scrapbook of our lives, I really wanted to recap what we've been up to.
A few weeks ago, Brody's friend and former coworker Russell had a White Trash themed birthday party. It was lots of fun and we enjoyed eating Fun*ons and cigarette gum-ha!
the birthday boy and his wife
The next day we went to a wedding for a couple that grew up at our church. They are quite a bit younger than me so I don't know them well, but they had a beautiful wedding. Made me want to do it all over again :)
the "Elam" girls at the reception
This past weekend I got to meet up with my good friend Stacy for a Girls Trip to Dallas. I have never left the kids besides the Ladies Retreat at church so I was a bit nervous at first, but Brody did a great job with them and everyone had fun. Stacy was my travel buddy in college and after...we have been to Vegas, Cancun and Dallas several times. She is a great travel companion and getting together with her was just like no time had passed between us. We are thinking it may become an annual tradition. We even got to meet up with her friend Michelle and my college roomie Amy. So fun!!
What's a girls trip without a little shopping? We just happened to be in Dallas during the big sale at Nordstrom. Coincidence??

Monday, August 3, 2009

My Birthday Girl

My sweet girl is FIVE today. I can hardly talk about it, it's just so bittersweet. I am so happy for the girl she has become in five years, but miss my baby. I had a panic attack at Tar*get the other day just thinking about having to buy school supplies next year! Now THAT is something I just can't think about yet.
Some things about Scarlett Ann:
-she loves taking pictures! Here's a self portrait:
-she has a great time playing tennis with Daddy. She may not be the best out there, but she has a great time...even in this heat!!
-she loves playing games. Every night before bed, we play cards or Sorry, or Memory. It's a fun time for just us after Clark is in bed.
-she can entertain herself for way too long on the computer. She's a fan of Nog*gin and Nick*jr.
-she LOVES to draw...honestly, sometimes I have to take the pens away from her she's at it so long
-she's a happy girl. When I was pregnant with her I prayed for a happy baby and I got one! Of course she has her moments, but she generally is a happy go lucky girl.

-she is a wonderful big sister to Clark and loves him so much. She also adores her cousins and family.
My heart overflows with love for this precious gift. I love you Scarlett Ann! Happy Happy Day~