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Friday, October 10, 2008

Day Three: A Week in the Life (Wednesday)

Here's our Wednesday:
taking Brody to pick up his car before work
Scarlett helped me put the last of the Halloween decorations out
I know I just posted a sad picture of Clark from the Corn Maze, but honestly this is a daily occurrence for him. He cries like this every day at lunch...
...and then looks happy again once I get some food on his tray
(we're big on drama around this house...miserable one moment, happy the next)
it's been so pretty the last few days - outside play has been a must
the dreaded cleaning of the bathrooms
This is Clark's favorite book, but I've read it so much Scarlett can quote it and frequently wants me to recite it in the car. She corrects me if I even have ONE word wrong! The good thing is, when I'm trying to get something done and Clark wants the book read, Scarlett can "read" it to him.
Papa came and picked Scarlett up for church. Wednesday nights are tough for us. Brody is still at work and Clark generally goes to bed early, so it really depends on his mood as to whether or not we can attend. Thankfully, my mom volunteered to take Scarlett this week.


Jaime said...

Another great day of pics. I got to witness the lunch drama today. It is pretty crazy when you get another hungry little one in the mix too. :-)Glad Mimi volunteered Papa to pick Scarlett up for church.

Sharon said...

Jill - you are too cute, too crafty & way too organized - I'm so impressed! Love the teacher gifts & the daily summary. Hope you're having a good week & maybe nothing else will break??

SheridanLeftwich said...

I'm really liking the week in a life thing. I must give it a try. Maybe next week. If I can get it together. :)

Kayren said...

I'm totally cracking up at Scarlett sleeping with the pumpkin from Tuesday's post. And we have the same breakdown and tear turn off as you in our house. Usually ours is over mommy saying no, Jaxon we Fiesta Texas is asleep today we cannot go- Here are some chips- Wait does that mean I am teaching him to eat his emotions?!

SheridanLeftwich said...

I tagged you for an easy post if you want to play.