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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day Five: A Week in the Life (Friday)

a little Smart Start to get me going for the day
cutie pie cousin over to play

judging from the mess, I'd say they're having fun
yummy afternoon snack
Daddy comes home early on Fridays
we decided to make a quick Target run
a little "Elton John" entertainment to end the night :)


Jcbaron99 said...

Fun! Love the ghost bowl and spider plate. I'm trying to decide what to do with my pictures projectwise - or not :-). It think I might try to do it every year and just see how things change.
I also realized I never posted Sunday - we were on the road. I do have pics though so maybe I'll get to it today.
Thanks for sharing your week!!

Jaime said...

Yes, I loved both yours and Cristie's. I want to do it but am afraid I will bore myself not to mention my 2 faithful readers, but maybe I will work up the courage. It is funny to see Little Elton there. It looks like he is grovin' so much he's losing his onsie. :-)

realitymomma said...

just now seeing your whole week.

you wore me out.
how crafty can one person be? not fair....
love the walking shoes, too cute.
kids are hilarious.
whatever do you do on the weekends?

Ben said...

My favorite picture is the cereal -- the lighting and positioning...perfect. Thanks for sharing Aunt Jill.
-Ben Bailey