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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day One: A Week in the Life (Monday)

OK, here's a glimpse of my day. It may seem a bit boring and as the week goes on it can get a little repetitive, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I also think it will be fun to look back on this some day and see what I did when the kids were young. (especially since I seem to be forgetting things at record speed.)

a morning walk to get me going
a little computer/coffee time while Clark naps
quick stop for some things I need to finish a project
some never ending chores...

the perfect way to end a nice quiet lunch...if only he'd done this before my Hobby Lobby trip, I could have picked up a new one for 50% off!
What's this?! Scarlett's actually asleep!!!
guess I'd better use this time to get a jump start on dinner...zucchini soup
a little ironing while watching Young and the Restless during nap time
bath time!!
now that Clark is down, Scarlett and I have some alone time to watch Dancing With the Stars. She's got some smokin' moves :)


Jaime said...

OK- You got the recipe for zuccini soup the other night??? What did you do, slip Joy a $50? I really want did yours come out?

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Day one looks like fun!!! Sorry for the broken pumpkin. :o(

Missed you at LBC yesterday.

SheridanLeftwich said...

I'm wanting the recipe for the zuccini soup, too. Sounds fabulous!...I am impressed that you do your ironing all at once ahead of time. If only I were that organized! I iron everything our family wears just the night before...or sometimes an hour before. Depends on the day. I'm glad I'm not the only one that watched dancing with the stars with the kiddos. They love it!

Jcbaron99 said...

Fun! I'm so excited to see your week. I'm going to do a summary I think. Stuff I learned through mine. So if I share my chowder recipe, I want the zucchini recipe ;-).

myra said...

I'm so impressed that you're doing this. I've thought about doing it for awhile but I'm so random with the camera that I don't think I could pull it off.

Diana said...

Hmmm, I LOVE this idea! I am so very impressed with how neat and tidy everything looked!

I do think your life looks glamorous! It beats the 7 loads of laundry that we sift through in baskets and on the couch when we are hunting for clothing! No, the 7 loads is not an exaggeration! Sorry to burst your bubble! I don't think maid services do laundry! NOt that we could afford one!