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Friday, August 29, 2008

Some Say it's Next to Godliness

**Warning: you may need Dramamine to watch this video.
I'm tellin' ya, I have no idea where she comes up with this stuff, but it is a good motto to live by~

And in case you need the lyrics they are "If you wanna do a job, you must take a baf(bath)"


Diana said...

that was precious!

She came up with those lyrics herself?

Jaime said...

I am glad you got that video to was darling. She is a clean girl like her momma. I guess you will need to work on the bowing. She must be too humble.

Kayren said...

Great now I am going to be singing that song in my head for days and days and days. And of course you know all of us who watched this very adorable video are going to be singing this song next time we take a "baff"

Jcbaron99 said...

Yes, it's already in my head as well! She's so cute. That's actually the first time I've heard her talk! When we left TX she was still so quiet. She's adorable.
I STILL cannot get videos to upload. Maybe mine are too big. I'm so techno challenged!

SheridanLeftwich said...

Just precious! My kids say "baff", too. It must run in the family. :)

realitymomma said...

i'm telling you, she is the most creative little girl i know! what a great voice; but, nothing beats the sweet look she gives when she bows! too adorable for words

myra said...

I love it! That is super cute! I love ending when you tell her to take a bow and she just grins. So cute!