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Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

with Scarlett
with Clark
zoo trip
Father's Day
Well, it's Birthday Season around here! Today is my dad's day. Here are 10 fun facts about him:
1. Everyone on his side of the family calls him Bascomb. Something about a movie my grandparents watched the night before he was born
2. He is a LOUD snorer!
3. Until Scarlett was born, he had never changed a dirty diaper...and he only changed her out of ABSOLUTE necessity!!
4. As a teen, he once raced all the way home from Corpus Christi only to have his tires explode in the driveway once he got home.
5. He is terrible at spelling.
6. He is an awesome Bible class teacher
7. He loves to tell jokes.
8. He doesn't like toes.
9. He LOVES being a grandpa, and Scarlett has him wrapped around her little finger.
10. I don't think he'd have it any other way.

Love you Dad...Happy Birthday!!


Tamra said...

Today is also my mom's birthday...which reminds me, I should call her.

Happy Birthday, Norris!

Marta said...

Happy Birthday Norris!

Just love him... he makes my dad laugh like no one else I know! :)