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Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break

I'm afraid that if I don't post about Spring Break soon, I might completely forget what we did.

Except actually I won't go over every day, because honestly I HAVE already forgotten lots of what was done...but I'm just going over the "highlights" -and yes, I am using that term very loosely.

Monday and Tuesday we spent lots of time with my mom. She has been kind of displaced because they are renovating their kitchen-which has turned into more than just the kitchen (think whole downstairs!) so since the workers have been coming over around 7:30 every morning she's had nothing to do. We've gone furniture shopping, made a trip to Stein Mart and one to Garden Ridge where I had an unfortunate incident with a mouse and might now be scarred for life.

Wednesday I got a night out with some girlfriends. Jenn, Jaime and Gena and I got together for some yummy Mexican food. Gena was in town with her family visiting for Spring Break. I feel like I've known her for a while because I read her blog, but it was nice to meet her in person! Plus, she's even sweeter and prettier in real life :)

Thursday night was a treat! Brody and I took Scarlett to see Disney on Ice. I'm sure it seems mean that we didn't take Clark but it started after his bedtime, and he has the attention span of a typical 2 year old. After going to the show I really think it may have been too loud for him! Plus, he got some one on one time with Mimi, which is always special!!

Saturday Jaime and I went out to breakfast and to get manicures. (We missed you Maegan!) Spring Break's not just for kids, you know~

I think that about wraps it all up! I know we didn't do too much, but it was a fun relaxing week. Brody was home more than normal and that's always special. Jaime mentioned to me that next year, we will be like most typical "spring breakers" since we will have kids in school...but I just can't think about that yet! I'm already thinking I should have some "appointments" in the middle of the day just so that I can have some time with her during school hours. Ha!!

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Gena said...

I love our restaurant picture. That was such a fun night. Super jealous of your manicure on Saturday. I get one in a few weeks for a wedding and am counting down the days.