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Thursday, March 11, 2010


I love kids and their imaginations. Scarlett (in my opinion) is pretty creative with some of the things she comes up with while playing. For example:

a mouse in a "boat" reading a book
(I can't remember what the sunglasses are supposed to be)
Playing school

I wish I had a hidden video in her room just to hear all the things she pretends. I know I won't remember all she does at this age, but I wanted to have these memories. I'm sure Clark will be coming up with his own little "pretend world" soon!


Rachel said...

This reminds me of playing church (specifically getting to take communion)upstairs at your parent's house!

Ashley said...

Hi Jill! Your sister outed you! Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a faaab-u-lous day!!!

His Doorkeeper said...

I agree,today (March 12th) is a GREAT day to have a birthday!!

Have a Happy 35th Birthday Jill!

You have a BEAUTIFUL family!