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Monday, February 15, 2010


Brody has a tennis convention once a year and it is almost always on Valentine's. We aren't really "into" the holiday, though I did remind him of the time when we were dating and he left a gift on my doorstep every day the week leading up to Valentine's Day. Oh the good old days. ha!
This year, I got candy and a Starbucks card-which was fabulous. He knew I would need an extra boost while he was gone!
I have given up on a normal smile from Clark
I made these last year, too but it was easy and fast so I made them again. At least this year Scarlett is big enough that she did all the cards-even cut out the hearts herself! :)
I stole this idea from crafty Jaime. She made similar ones for Halloween. They really can be for just about anything!
While we were partying it up at our place, Brody was enjoying the most snow Dallas has ever had at one time!
the place they had dinner
boys will be boys...what is it with them?! haha
the boys minus Trey
Some of the sessions had to be indoors because of the weather. These are the tiny nets they use at clinics to teach Scarlett's age. They're so cute!
We were all ready for Brody to come home! Scarlett missed him a lot this time and made him this welcome home card. He is for sure our "Soperman" ha :)


Jaime said...

I am glad that Brody had a fun trip...the snow will make it unforgettable. I am also glad I got to have some girl time with you this weekend! :-)

myra said...

I love Scarlett`s fancy handwriting. I couldn`t do that at 4 years old. Impressive.

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Sorry you were missing your big Valentine this weekend but your little ones made up for it, I'm sure.

That's one big snow angel!

Good, good stuff...