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Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Randomness

I don't really have much to say, but I feel like it's time for a new post.'ve been warned. haha!

*We had some snow here on Tuesday. It wasn't cold enough to stick, but for about 10 minutes the kids were in heaven. The next day it was 60 degrees. Now both kids have runny noses...go figure.

* We went to ride the train today and then had a picnic lunch. It's amazing how good I feel after being in the sun for a few hours. I guess that Vitamin D really is good for you~

* I finally got my hair done today. Suddenly I feel 10 pounds lighter and two shades more tan. Maybe it wasn't the sun after all that made me feel so good. I celebrated by eating most of the leftover dip I made for last night's Bunco...there goes feeling 10 lbs. lighter

*All of a sudden Clark can't go anywhere without his keys, Thomas and Percy. Is this a boy thing or is he just weird? (maybe you shouldn't answer that). He also carries his sock monkey everywhere but I won't let him take it out of the house...I'm hoping it's just a phase. If not he will have some serious OCD tendencies to work through

* His favorite book right now is Goodnight Moon. Every time I read it he likes to find the mouse on each page. It excites him every single time like it's the first time he's ever discovered it. I think it's really cute...(except when I'm tired and just want to read the stinkin' book and get to bed)

* Once Clark is down Scarlett and I play a game. I'm tired of her beating me in Wii bowling, so until I get some practice time in I've made her play something else. My favorite is Memory. It makes me feel like I'm doing something for my brain-especially since I haven't played Sudoku since I made it past the "easy" level. I dread when she chooses Candy Land...for some reason I'm just not a fan of that game. I guess it's too easy-even for my lazy brain.

Happy Weekend!

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