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Friday, February 5, 2010

Ladies Retreat

A couple of weeks ago was our Ladies Retreat. I LOVE going and getting to spend time with the ladies at church. It is so much fun eating, laughing and worshipping with them. I really missed Jenn this year, but hopefully next year we will all be together again.

Jaime in our room
Jaime and I had a room to ourselves this year. It was a nice room, but we could hear the ladies snoring in the room next door :) Also, when we were brushing our teeth all of a sudden we heard a man talking. We both froze mid brush because it seriously sounded like he was in the bathroom with us! I guess it was just coming through the vent, but it was weird!!

Jaime, Mom and Martha at breakfast
playing a game with Sylvia, Paige and Darla
lunch with Jaime and Melissa
While I was gone, it seems Brody and the kids had a good time too:


Hattie said...

Looks & sounds like y'all had a great time!

Jaime said...

It wasn't a "couple of weeks ago" it was just last weekend, silly. Time must be speeding by over there. It was fun...glad we got to be together!