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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


My good friend Lisa tagged me to come up with some of my memories, so here goes:

In honor of Halloween, I remember going to a haunted house with Jaime and my grandparents. Jaime got scared before we even went in and I freaked out about 10 seconds after entering. My grandpa asked for his money back

I remember sitting on the front porch with PawPaw eating red Popsicles and watching the cars go by

I remember going to the beach with my family

I remember sitting in front of the TV on Saturday nights watching Hee Haw and getting my hair put in sponge rollers

I remember the day my mom told us she was going to have another baby...we weren't thrilled

I remember Maw Maw answering the phone in the middle of the night and saying " eleven-eleven!!!" ( that's how much Jordan weighed when he was born)

For my friend Marta, I remember being at the James' house on a Sunday afternoon when we heard that Rachel Lane Fenter was born

For my friend Lisa, I remember going to dinner with her for my birthday and having her say that she was having a hard time driving...little did we know what was ahead

I also remember the doctor coming out of surgery and Don telling us that she was doing OK and would be fine

I remember trying out for the dance team as a freshman in high school. My dad told me to dance like no one was looking and I could do anything I put my mind to. I made it :)

I remember going to California with the dance team during Spring Break. Half of the squad got food poisoning during our trip to Medieval Times. I had to do the routines the next day without my partner...I looked like a dork but at least I wasn't one of the ones in the hospital!

I remember hanging out with Kim, Suzanne, and Amy in the LCU dorms. No one wanted to come to my room because my roommate had a foot fungus and it was stinky

I remember going to dinner at the Adam's house for a blind date with a guy named Brody. I figured since they had six kids, if we didn't hit it off, I could always play with the kids and ignore the guy...needless to say, I liked the guy

I remember our wedding day. Everything was perfect until after the wedding when we discovered someone had broken into the dressing room and stolen all the purses

I remember coming home from a PTA meeting to take a pregnancy test (positive)

I remember 33 hours of labor and finally getting a C-section

I remember hearing "it's a girl!!"

I remember coming home from Ladies Bible Class to take another pregnancy test

I remember hearing crying and "it's a boy!!"

I remember sleeping through the night...oh how I miss that :)

It was fun walking down memory lane. I hope that I help Scarlett and Clark make as many happy memories as I have. If you have the time, I tag Suzanne and Marta.

(by the way...I don't know how to make Lisa, Jaime, Suzanne and Marta's names link. If anyone can tell me how to do it, this dummy would appreciate it! )


Don and Lisa Osborn said...

What a great list of memories, Jill!! I love the one about your dad telling you to dance like no one was looking...That's awesome!

To make the links within your post:
1. Copy the address of the blog (You don't need to copy anything before the www)
2. Highlight the name or word where you want to create a link
3. Click on the link button (It is to the right of the text color button)
4.Paste the address after the //

Thanks for traveling down memory lane and sharing some fun memories!


Jaime said...

I loved your list and remembered a lot of your memories. I PROMISE I will get to making my list soon. I am looking forward to it. I have enjoyed reading yours and Lisa's lists so much. Thanks for sharing.

Marta said...

I'll try to do this later tonight! What fun memories! I don't know why I've always remembered how much Jordan weighed when he was born- I don't even know how much Rachel or I weighed when we were born. Maybe it's because he's still the biggest baby at birth I've ever met! :)

suzanne said...

This is one of the cutest posts that I've ever read; maybe because I can related to so many of them. Hee Haw and sponge curlers...are you sure we werent sisters? You, Kim and Amy; that is hilarious because I have a picture that I will download for you of the 4 of us. As for "E", the roommate; I totally laughed out loud. She had the stinkiest feet in the world. I just did a new post, but I'll do this one next time! I hope all is well and thanks for those awesome memories.

dawn said...

girl, i just got caught up with youse guys.

i can't get over how big clark is already. scarlett's smileface is too precious.

still to this day, when the topic of dysfunctional families comes up, i tawk about my friend jill who is the only one that i know who didn't come from one. :)