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Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Mimi!

Saturday was my mom's birthday. I had fully intended to bring a camera to our breakfast and get a shot of her with the kids, but since it was breakfast, I wasn't awake enough to remember. Anyway, here are some random pictures of her with the kids over the years. We celebrated her day by going to eat at LePeep. Jaime, Ben and the boys couldn't come because Ben's brother and niece were in town. They were missed! My mom is an amazing wife, mother, and grandma. honor of her day, here are ten fun facts about my mom:

1. She is a great seamstress. She can make just about anything which is why I have yet to learn how to do it myself. Plus, right before the big kids were born she got a monogramming machine so we have TONS of personalized stuff!

2. She is afraid of elevators. She was stuck in one as a child so she will take the stairs any chance she gets.

3. She loves shoes. She rarely buys things for herself, but shoes are her weakness.

4. She rarely watches TV, but when she does it's either the food network, HGTV, or the classic movie channel.

5. Not long after she and my dad got married, he went to Basic Training for the Army and she had to move back in with her parents and share a room with her 5 and 12 year old sisters!!

6. She claims as a child she used to drink coffee every morning for breakfast.

7. I think that's funny because now all she ever drinks is decaf.

8. She is very self disciplined. She gets up to go to the gym at 5:00 every wonder she looks so good!!

9. She loves to travel, but is not a fan of flying.

10. Now that I'm a mom, I realize how much she worried about, sacrificed for, and prayed over me. I am so lucky that she's my mom, and my kids are VERY luck to have her as their Mimi.

We love you Mimi! Happy Birthday!!!


Jaime said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. I love you, Mom...if you are reading!

Marta said...

I love your mom too! I have so many good memories of our families together. And I can remember our moms sewing together... and wearing a lot of stuff your mom made for y'all that was passed down to me! :) Love you, Linda, happy birthday!!!

mimi47 said...

I read your comments girls and I appreciate the nice things that were said. I too savor all the remembrances of great times together. I love you Jaime and you, Marta. Your family has a really special place in my heart. Thanks for making my birthday so special!

mimi47 said...

And Jill - not to let you feel left out - I love you too! Thanks for the sweet tribute and the way you have honored me on my birthday!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Your mom is a special lady and I admire her so much for all she's been through, her accomplishments, and her unwaivering Christian walk.

She is beautiful inside and out.


suzanne said...

Hows life with the new baby??? I went to the alumni LCU baseball game this weekend with Amy Van. It was wierd to be back, but I thought about you. Weren't you a "baseball belle?" That's so funny!!! Those were the to you soon!