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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Play date

Scarlett loves her brother. And, she adores her boy cousins. But sometimes a girl just wants to play with another GIRL! Jemma is a doll, but still a bit too young to play games the way Scarlett has in mind. 

One of Scarlett's best friends is Bella. We met Bella at Mother's Day Out when Scarlett was barely 3 and Bella was still 2. They were the only girls in a class full of boys! I don't have any pictures from that first year, but here they are the next year at their Christmas program. Bella is the cutie on the right.

They've taken dance together
(Scarlett has the headband on and Bella is all the way on the left with the bun)

They've enjoyed parties together

They graduated from Parkhills together

 And they are still friends today! We don't see Bella as much as we'd like now that they're in school, but last week since there was no school she came to play. They were SO quiet, I didn't think to take any pictures until the end of her stay. She brought over necklaces to make and they wanted me to take pictures of them as "twins".
Cute twinkies...even wearing matching skirts!

being "pirates"

I am so thankful for friendships. I know how important it is to have great girls in your life and Bella is such a doll...I pray they are friends forever!!


Amanda said...

Oh my Scarlett has grown up so much! I'm so glad she had a good friend. Living with only brothers is hard, I should know! :-D

mimi47 said...

So sweet! Special girl times she will always remember Bella even when she grows up!