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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween decorations

This is a picture heavy post, but I don't think there's any other way to show decorations! :) It's our first year in this house, so I've had fun finding places for old decor along with making new things. I have found a TON of darling things on new addiction. 

new front door wreath

I've wanted a burlap banner forever. A few people have teased me that the "L's" look funny, but I really liked this font.

I made these containers a couple of years ago, and they've held up pretty well!

This little guy has been with me since my teaching days. He was a gift from one of my students.

I am loving my chalkboard!

These aren't my decorations, but I made them for the kids teachers. Again...pinterest! I also made the caramel apples and I can vouch for them...they were delish!

This is a new find from Junior League's Marketplace Ole. He has candy inside his head...but I think Brody would grab a hershey bar every night on his way to bed, so you can't actually tell there's anything in there.
And, my mom made the cute little pumpkin for me :)

Finally, my fun bats. They really didn't take long to make and add a lot to the entry.
Hope you're all having a fun and safe Halloween. More pictures to come soon of all the things we've been up to this weekend!!


kara said...

i LOVE love love the birds on your banister! i never would have thought to put them all together like that but it looks good (and spooky... like The Birds)!

Andrea said...

Love the bats!

Olaaa said...
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