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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kinder graduate!

first day
last day

I cannot believe the year is over. My sweet girl has changed so much this year! She's lost teeth, grown inches, made new friends, and learned, learned, learned. I am so proud of the little lady she's becoming. She certainly doesn't look like my baby anymore! I am thankful that her little Christian school guarded her heart and mind while she was away from me and I am so happy that we were blessed to be there!

 Graduation night

Scarlett's sweet class

Scarlett's favorites this year:
teacher: Mrs. Linscomb :)
food: pizza
day: Wednesday (chapel day)
friend: Regan and Beck
memory: Children's Museum Field Trip


myra said...

I love all these pics from the first and last days of school. Such a good idea. And it is AMAZING to me to see what a different there is! Scarlett looks so grown up in her Last Day picture.

I want to hear more about your new house! So exciting!

Jaime said...

She is a precious girl! I am so thankful that our kids are still so close and together a lot. :-)

KMA said...

Congrats to you all... Especially Scarlett.

Big Fat Mama! said...

Way to go Scarlett!! Can't wait to hear all about the move!!