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Friday, March 18, 2011

In her own words...

A while back, Scarlett told me that she didn't really miss me, but she didn't see me much any more. (cue my heart breaking into a million pieces!) So...I told her that if she could get "purple" conduct and finish all her work on time for one whole week, I would let her have a day off. Here is her day, in her own words:

Mommy and Scarlett's Adventure!

Mommy and I took Clarky to school. We walked in my old teacher's room. I hugged them because I  miss them.
Then after I took Clark to school, I played tennis. I was REALLY GOOD! 

 Daddy played doubles and I was eating cheetos and watching. I love cheetos. Daddy is GREAT at tennis!!

 I was with mommy and me.

I was eating Taco Cabana because Mommy said I could eat anything I wanted. I ordered chips and quesadilla and sprite. It was delicious!

After lunch, Mommy took me to Toys R Us. I got some Squinkie doo's.

 Then I took a picture.

We went and got Clarky. It was fun. My day off was just like an adventure.

It really was a great time. I was trying to think back, and I honestly don't think that Scarlett and I have had a day with just the two of us since Clark was born. I mean, besides just running errands together on a Saturday morning. Wait...we did go to American Girl for her 5th birthday...OK, so it was the second time since Clark was born. But still...I want to do it more. I'm pretty sure I had as much fun on our "adventure" as she did!


Vicki said...

Precious! I keep wanting to take Madison and Hannah for "alone" dates (since Molly has me to herself all day every day)...but other than the occassional trip to the store with me, I just haven't made the time. You've inspired me!

Jaime said...

what a special memory for both of you!

Big Fat Mama! said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm sure she'll remember that special day with you. :)