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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dentist Trip

Clark finally had his first dentist appointment last week. Scarlett went for the first time when she turned three, but for some reason I had to cancel their appointments this summer so Clark was a little past due. I was pretty nervous about how he would do because the last time we took Scarlett I tried just getting him to sit in the chair and he had a total freak out melt down. Brody even came with me this day so that if Clark freaked, I could just leave with Scarlett and he would finish up with him. It seems Clark always does better for Daddy anyway. But...he did pretty good! Scarlett went first and he watched closely and said he didn't want "that blue thing" (the suction) in his mouth. 
Even though he does look pretty nervous in these pictures, he did great with x-rays! 

The sweet hygienist took him back and looked at his teeth quickly but I don't think she wanted him to get upset so after a quick peek she just called the dentist over to "count his teeth". They didn't do an actual full cleaning, but it was a great first step and hopefully next time he will let them do a few more things. Overall, it was a great first experience for Clark. :)


Maegan said...

I'm so proud of him! And I love your blog's new look!

Katie said...

Yay, Clark! We just took Sam for the 1st time. We waited an extra year at the advice of our pediatrician due to anxieties when it comes to doctors. He allowed the dentist to look in his mouth with her "Cinderella" mirror. That's x-rays or cleaning. Maybe next time!