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Friday, September 17, 2010

Let's just hope they don't get matching lazy boy's

Before I start my post I just have to say, y'all, that my kids are both in school on Tuesday and Thursday and yesterday was the first day I was ALONE in my house all day in six years. HOLLA!!!
OK, now on to the real reason for this post. My dad worked HARD for the same company for 38 years. He finally sold his business and things were final September 1st. So, to celebrate he took us all out to dinner :) (seems a little backward, but none of us are opposed to a free meal-without kids. ha!) ((and I know this sounds like I don't like being around my kids...I do. I love them dearly. But a grown up dinner is a luxury!!!)
Can you see the excitement on their faces?!
They don't look old enough to be retired to me!

This is blurry...sorry guys.
The food was delicious. I wanted to take pictures of all the goodness, but before I got a chance Brody's plate looked like this:

Cheers! Poor Jaime came down with strep the next morning. At least we got our night out before she felt like death. haha

We got Dad a gift basket...some funny things and some real gifts to celebrate.
I'd blame the wine for his expression, but I think he only had one glass and that's really just the way he you know where Clark gets his funny faces for the camera. :)
It really was a wonderful night out and we are so happy that he and Mom can enjoy some traveling and time off.


Jaime said...

What a fun night that was!! I am so thankful for our parents, and yes they do still look young and fabulous!

mimi47 said...

It was a GREAT, fun evening spent laughing and reminiscing with all of you! You've blessed our lives so much and we are thankful for each of you! Thanks for your kind words and for making us so proud of the adults you have turned out to be! We thank God for the way He has provided and taken care of us through the years and and look forward to more happy times in the future!