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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Scarlett is really into the Wii these days. Her favorite is bowling, but the other day she wanted to try "the wrestling game". We were cracking up watching her! And I am not trying to neglect Clark, but he was already in bed. I will try to take some video of him soon!!
(ps- I have no idea why the words look so weird on this post, but I have to get back to my laundry, so it will just have to stay wonky this time-ha!)


TXYorkFamily said...

That is so cute, Timothy loves to play that as well, but I think he moves his feet faster than his hands!

myra said...

Very cute! I love how she kicks her leg when she punches.

KMA said...

that's too cute. gotta love a wii.

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

This brought me a smile on a dreary day! She's got incredible form.

Thanks for sharing!


Jaime said...

For such a girlie girl...looks like she boxes pretty well. CUTE!

Ashley said...

I love it! The next Layla Ali!!

Thanks Jill for the good advice! That Aquafor was on the list of good stuff from the Doc so way to be on top of things!!

His face has gotten a LOT better so thanks!!

myra said...

I gave you a Blogger Award for having such a great and inspirational blog. Check out my blog for your award.