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Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Thanksgiving

This will definitely be a Thanksgiving to remember. Each year we rotate where we go for the holiday because even though both sets of families are nearby, it's just too much eating for one day! :) This year it was our turn to be with Brody's family and his aunt and uncle invited us to their vacation place in Fredericksburg. Brody's brother and his family could not be there this year so it was just our family, Brody's parents and his aunt and uncle. They have such a nice home and we had a great time!
The great view from the backyard

Clark and Aunt Susan had fun on the porch swing
This is their little cabin next to the main house. It was so cute!
We hung out here on their patio most of the day and it was so pretty. The weather was cool but sunny, so it was just perfect!
Clark and Scarlett just kept going up and down these steps.
Me and Brody's mom

Scarlett LOVED playing with fire...thankfully Susan was always nearby!
Grandma took Scarlett on a nature walk :)
Clark woke up the morning of Thanksgiving with a pretty gross cough and runny nose, but he'd had a cold so I figured that it was just running it's course. However, by the time we got home that night he looked like this:
We found a clinic open on Friday and he was diagnosed with a bacterial conjunctivitis (pink eyes), and an ear/sinus infection. Poor little guy. Somehow he was still smiling though-such a trooper. He got medicine and things were starting to slowly look up. Until this morning (Monday) when we woke up to...
Pink eye round 2!
There is still so much to be thankful for even in the midst of sickness. I'm just hoping that we are all now on the mend!


Maegan said...

Yikes. I think you found one sickness that I won't mess with. I hope they are feeling ok :O(

KMA said...

Thankful you were home so I had a girly to pal around with. Hope Scarlett is doing better today.

Chera said...

I know you agree with me on this...anything is better than the stomach virus!! :o)

Jaime said...

That place looks so fun. Glad you guys got to do something a little different this year. The kids look so cute in their "thanksgiving" clothes.