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Monday, August 17, 2009

Latest Loves

Scarlett is obsessed with all things "American Ta*l". Ever since she found the old VHS at my parents house, she can think of little else. I guess kids just have one track minds. (says the girl who watches Golden G*rls every night before bed)

She got "Fievel Goes W*st" for her you think she's excited?!
She draws the little mouse every chance she gets.
Here he is being attacked by a mean cat.
And here is Mousekewitz Forest.
(we found this little pipe cleaner set at Walm*rt and she had to have it because of the mouse)
She has such an imagination-she has a Baby Bach CD that she plays and every song has a different "scene" that she acts out with the animals-she must have gotten this creative side from Brody.
Sweet Clark. Here are some of his favorites these days:

getting kisses from Daddy before bed

playing with his new cool remote control Fire Truck
(He loves any car, but instead of pushing it around, he will put it on one end of a table and try to push it far enough to make it fall off the other end of the table. It's a fun little game until one of those cars falls off the "cliff" and lands on your toe)

and his most favorite thing: destroying his sister's prized possessions


Jaime said...

Cute kids! Scarlett is so creative! I love that pipe cleaner set. I have never seen anything like it. And Clark cracks me up how he loves to destroy stuff.

Chera said...

Sheldon does the SAME thing!!! And we watch one episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" every night before bed~we have the entire dvd collection!! :o)

Laurie said...

You are a beautiful family!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

That picture of Scarlett with the DVD is priceless! You can hear the excitement from here. Darling...

The West's said...

I remember going to see that movie when it came out. and, I think I have a copy of the sheet music for "Somewhere Out There".