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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Day, Buddy!

My baby is TWO today! I know I sound like a broken record, but where does the time go? The funny thing is, when Scarlett was two she seemed like such a big girl. Clark still seems like my baby. :)

He is definitely a mama's boy and while he will play by himself at times, he usually comes yelling "Mama" through the house to find me after a few minutes.

He is never still! Wait, I take that back...he loves for me to read him books so he will sit still for that. His favorites are Goodnight Moon, Thomas and the Big, Big Bridge, and Pat the Bunny.
He loves figuring things out...anything that has buttons he is immediately attracted to and wants to know how it works.

He is also a climber. No matter how hard I try to keep him off of things or whether or not he falls, he will get back up and do it again. Stinker~

He likes singing. Even as a newborn when he would be upset, I would sing in his ear and he would calm down. Every night before bed I sing "Seek Ye First". He even occasionally tries to sing "Twinkle Twinkle".

When I have a moment of weakness and let him have a camera, he enjoys taking self portraits :)
He is NOT afraid to let me know how he feels. ha! Thankfully, he usually has a fit and is over it pretty quickly. He has even done well with going to time out and staying there and then saying "sorry" when he gets out. It took one day of "training" but he has done well from that day on.
When anyone asks for a kiss, he will lean in for a smooch on his forehead. He's even started going up to Scarlett for "ugs" (hugs)

He wants to do EVERYTHING his sister does...good and bad. I love watching them together and no one can get him to laugh like his sissy.

We are blessed beyond belief to have him as our boy. Happy Birthday Clark Sullivan!! We love you!!!!


Jaime said...

Cute and sweet boy!! Love him!

dawn said...

can't get over how he has grown!

katie said...

Happy birthday, Clark! Those pics are the self-portrait!