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Monday, June 29, 2009

In this heat, all you can do is swim

Scarlett and Beck have had swim lessons for the past two weeks. This video is from the second day of lessons (I think). She did great here, but got even better by the last day. Unfortunately, Clark came down with Hand, Foot and Mouth disease so I stayed home with him for most of the last week of lessons and didn't get any more videos. I was actually able to watch her the last day, but of course forgot my camera. We are so lucky that my mom found Miss Sarah for us and are also blessed that they got to take private lessons at my parents pool. I think it helped that they didn't have other kids in the water with them at the same time. Scarlett gets pretty easily distracted so it really worked to her benefit to have the pool all to herself. Thanks Mom!!


Jaime said...

She is so graceful with her swimming. How does she hold her breath for so long? Glad they both loved the lessons so much.

Kayren said...

You can totally see the wheels in her head turning as she is remembering the strokes with the kicking and the breath holding- soo sweet!

Maegan said...

They really are 1 pt. I plugged in all my ingredients into the WW recipe builder online and they are 1 pt. If you eat 2, it goes up to 3 pts, though.