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Monday, March 9, 2009

Day one of Spring Break...

...was not supposed to entail a 4 year old with the stomach bug
...or having to pin down your 19 month old at the hospital so that he could have an ultrasound done on one of his swollen boy parts

Now, I hear things come in threes. Please pray that in this case, things end in twos! I'm not sure I could take much more...and it's just MONDAY!! 

To end on a positive note:
*Scarlett's bug was minor in that she only "slobbered" twice and is now back to her happy self
*Because it is Spring Break, my mom was able to come over today to watch Scarlett when we took Clark to the dr.
*Clark was a champ while the dr. poked/prodded on his swollen "area"
* Brody was able to come with me to the appointment which was followed by the ultrasound/catheter at the hospital
* Clark only has an infection and it will not require surgery

I'm sure you can imagine why there are no pictures...hopefully we will be feeling photogenic again soon!
(and please, in 12 years, please don't ever bring this post up to Clark...he will never forgive me!)


Jcbaron99 said...

What a way to start spring break! I'm sorry you guys are having a rough time and I will pray that the kids are better soon. Glad Scarlett already seems to be better.

SheridanLeftwich said...

Oh man...sorry you had such a crummy start to spring break. I hope the rest of your week gets lots better! Glad to hear Scarlett is feeling better and that all is well with the special "part".

realitymomma said...

ok, and i was bummed b/c all i managed to do was go to town and run 3 errands (in Lubbock) and then have dinner with my family for kirk's b-day. i'll quite gryping!!!

glad all is well and especially that no surgery is needed - that would be a tough one.

hope the rest of the week is waaaay better.

Marta said...

Hope everyone is 100% again soon! Sorry you had such a rough day!