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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We're City Folk

If you live around San Antonio, you know that the Rodeo is here! We haven't been to the rodeo since before Scarlett was born, and I think she would have liked it last year, but I really didn't want to take Clark who was still so little. Anyway, Tuesday was Rodeo Day at Mother's Day Out. Scarlett loves any chance to dress up and wear her boots, so she was excited.
As we were leaving for school, I told Scarlett she needed to wear a sweater because it was cool outside. She was upset because if she wore a sweater she "wouldn't be able to dance". I had no idea what she was talking about...the chicken dance maybe? She went on to elaborate that she just had to dance, it was RADIO day! Apparently we need to get this girl to the rodeo pronto~
(I took her picture after school, so her hair is kind of wonky)


mimi47 said...

What a darling vest :) - looks familiar! She's a cutie - wonky hair and all!

Jaime said...

Yes, she is so very cute. Glad they had a good rodeo/radio day! Did she get to dance???

Maegan said...

I wish we had Rodeo day at school... or Radio. At this point I'd take either one! She is so cute!!

Vicki said...

Love the outfit!! I think the only one that love it more than me is Molly....if I could ever get her out of her "Santa" dress. She wore it last night to pick the girls up from basketball practice and go Your little cowgirl is gorgeous!!!

SS said...

Rodeo day, how fun. Our mommy's day out themes aren't quite as exciting...crazy sock day, pajama day, etc. Rodeo or radio, that's so cute.