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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

All that's left is the sugar high

Well, Valentine's Day is just a distant memory, but after all the excess sugar, I have killed off lots of brain cells, and have no original ideas to blog about. we go:

Mimi and Papa came over and Mimi helped Scarlett make this cute little mailbox

Chef Scarlett helping with her treats for her classmates
the finished product
Brody was out of town over Valentine's Day, so we went out the weekend before. 
And here's Brody at his tennis convention in Dallas with his coworkers...they look pretty good all dressed up...quite a rarity with tennis pros :)


Kyle said...

looks like y'all had a great valentines day! Scarlett looks like quite the little chef!

Regarding your time out question: Sutton stays in time out pretty well. I started time out with him a lot earlier than I did with Darby (probably around 16 months) and at first he didn't stay there at all. It was just a lot of putting him back over and over. Now he stays there really well... he's just super happy to stay there. He talks and laughs and sings. So, my problem is, if they have fun in time out is it really effective punishment? :)

Marta said...

oops that was me! Sorry!

Jaime said...

I like the pictures of the guys dressed up. For some reason I am cracking up at it...I don't know why. They all look good I suppose it is just because I am envisioning these "tough guys" posing for their photo. Who took it???

realitymomma said...

your talent overwhelms me....where do you find the time to make all this stuff?????

love it all!