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Friday, January 9, 2009

Sweet seventeen

My sweet guy is 17 months old today. I haven't ever done a list for him, but I love when Jaime does them for Briggs so I thought I'd give it a whirl. (ps-that awesome picture above is by Sarah)
17 things about Clark Sullivan:
1. He loves being outside, and one of his new favorite things to do is slide
2. He loves to dance. Any time music comes on he will laugh and start bouncing back and forth
3. He doesn't say a lot of real words yet, but "uh-oh" is a favorite, which is good because he does a lot to cause uh-oh's :)
4. He LOVES to climb. This is something new to me because Scarlett never tried to even get on the couch!
5. He loves water, as you can see in the picture below
6. He's trying to give up his morning nap, but then gets really tired early, so we're trying to figure it all out
7. When he sleeps he needs at least 2 passies. One for his mouth and the other he uses to rub on his head (weird, but Scarlett used to do the same thing)
8. He is only allowed to have his passy in his crib. If he comes out with it in his mouth, he thinks it's so funny, and always puts it back in his crib when I tell him to.
9. It's easy to make him laugh and he's very happy
10. When he gets mad, though, WATCH OUT! He can be very LOUD!!
11. He likes dumping things out and then filling them back up
12. He LOVES Elmo. We've never watched him on TV, but Scarlett had this Elmo that asks for hugs and Clark fell in love with him.
13. He is good at giving hugs and kisses. He's a bit more cuddly than Scarlett was at this age (when he's still, that is)
14. He is a pretty good eater. He doesn't like everything, but he will at least try it. He always wants what I'm eating. The other day he even tried tuna (it did not go over fact, he started shaking his head no and fell down he was so adamant about it)
15. He loves phones, remotes, and pretty much anything that makes noise. 
16. He loves Scarlett. They are really starting to play well together and she's good at entertaining him. One of my favorite times of day is when dinner is over and they go to her room to play while I clean up the kitchen. It's so fun to hear them laughing together!
17. He loves to swing. Now that we have a swing set he likes to get out there every day and be pushed.

He is such a joy to us and while it kind of makes me sad that he's no longer a baby, it really is fun to watch him grow and do new things.


Jaime said...

He is such a sweet boy. I love all of the pictures of him you posted. He is just too cute. I wish we could bottle up this age and then pull it out when they start getting hairy to remember how cute they were! Ha.

Maegan said...

I missed getting to pick him up from his class yesterday! He always makes me feel so good when he's all grumpy being in class and then gets excited when he sees me and comes easily to me! I hope he feels better... but I think I might have gotten the lil ones' cold :O(

Vicki said...

He is so gorgeous!! I've missed our chats...hope to catch up soon. and NO...I'm not pregnant! lol miss ya!

Sharon said...

Thank you for sharing these...there are so many that I can relate to our little one. That's great that Clark loves water - we're still trying to convince Bella that bathtime is supposed to be fun! :0P

The Stringers said...

Okay, this is random, but, do ya'll like seafood? Be honest!