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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat

After weeks of chocolate dreams, we weren't sure Scarlett would get to enjoy Halloween after all. The fever that started on Wednesday was pushing 104 by Wednesday night. A trip to the Urgent Care clinic Thursday due to an earache, led the Dr. to think she may not have a simple ear infection, but pneumonia. I was a bit of a basket case considering she has only been on an antibiotic once since she was born. Thankfully, a Friday morning trip to our regular pediatrician resulted in finding out she was pneumonia free but did have a sinus infection. I loaded her up on tylen*ol, Mucin*ex, and her antibiotic, and we were ready to roll. As we were unloading the kids Scarlett said, "Let's do this!" To say she was ready would be a vast understatement. (And, for the record...she had not run fever any on Friday, so hopefully you won't think that badly of me)

the butterfly princess and her caterpillar sidekick

yes, he's holding a thermometer...we have a twisted sense of toys around here these days
blurry, but cute
at Trunk of Treats with Aunt Maegan and Uncle Jordan, the golfers :)
(if you look closely, you will see Scarlett's wings are upside down. Apparently, I'd been nipping at the cough medicine and didn't even notice)
Sick or not, Scarlett had a great time. Now Clark and I seem to be coming down with the same ailment. Pray for us. However, in the words of Lisa, at least it's not barf. You know me well, my friend, you know me well.


realitymomma said...

sick or not, every kid deserves to go trick - or - treating! those are good pics and wonderful costumes. glad she was well enough to go.

Jcbaron99 said...

They look adorable and you can't tell she spent the past few days in bed. Happy Halloween!

myra said...

Cute kids. I'm glad Scarlett didn't miss out. And I didn't notice her wings were upside down at all. Hope you and Clark are better.

Jaime said...

Very cute! So glad that you took them to trunk of treats! Has Scarlett eaten all her candy yet?

SheridanLeftwich said...

I am so glad sweet Scarlett is feeling better. ...and to say that your children's costumes are cute would be an understatement. They are some of the cutest I've seen! I love costumes that go together. Happy Monday!

Vicki said...

Love the costumes! Glad everyone is feeling better. I should be on to chat Wed. Hope to see ya then!

Perks said...

Hey there-
The "shorts for under dresses" we use are monkey bar buddies. Here's the website:
On that website, you can look up stores near you that sell them.
They are a little pricey but they work great and aren't bulky. Chloe and Phoebe wear them anytime they wear a dress or skirt to school. Love them!

Hope you guys are ALL feeling better!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

I am sorry your clan has been sick. :o( It was good to see you out for a bit last Friday. The kids looked so adorable. You did such a great job on Clark's costume and he looked really happy as he peddled candy.

Hope this has been a better week...


April said...

Those are cute costumes!! Well done!