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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Well, I was going to post about our Halloween...since Christmas is right around the corner. ha! I had a few pics of the kids in their cute costumes to upload and when I tried, it says I'm out of storage.  So...until I can let Brody take a look and see if he can figure out what the deal is, I guess I will just tell you we had a great Halloween, ate candy for DAYS, and had a fun Thanksgiving at my parents.

Posts are so totally boring without pics. Blah.


Deborah said...

I had to buy storage for $2.50 a month otherwise I'm done blogging, too. I guess I post too many pictures or Google was not going to do things for free anymore. Sad!!

Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said...

Hi Jill! I see you don't really update this blog, so I'm not sure if you will get this comment...but I'm gonna try! (Your blogger settings are set to "no reply", so I can't respond directly to you.)
Even though I ADORE my blazer, I would definitely say to get the wedges. You will wear them constantly and your feet will thank you (AND you will get tons and tons of compliments on them!). And unless you are set on getting a certain color, I would recommend the putty. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!
Hope this helps!
Sheaffer :)

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