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Saturday, January 7, 2012


We had a fun Christmas! I'm always sad when the break goes so fast and we have to get back in the routine.

We've started the tradition of making cookies for Santa. The kids had a great time this year and actually helped me decorate all of them! Clark was using Halloween sprinkles for this shot. ha~

our finished products

Christmas Eve we spent with Brody's parents
 Kathi makes jewelry and so she pulled out all her Christmas beads and the kids got to make necklaces. They loved it!
 I think Clark's favorite thing was this train. It went all the way around the tree, and he got to use the remote to make it go, reverse, and stop. He was in heaven!

The other favorite for Clark was this "ginormous gun". He had asked for one, and was so happy!

Scarlett asked for some Littlest Pet Shop Walkables, and was thrilled when she opened this treat!

Christmas morning was also a hit!

spin brushes

My three favorite people!

Christmas day was a little weird because we usually go in our jammies to my parents, but it was Sunday so we went to church first and then headed to mom and dad's.

 It's always loud and chaotic over there on Christmas day, but the kids are beside themselves with all the fun.

sweet girls

 my crazy boy~

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