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Friday, September 16, 2011

Clark's day

Clark started back at his Mother's Day Out last week. He doesn't look super excited in this picture, but he was actually happy to go and see his friends and meet his new teachers. One of his teachers had Scarlett when she was at this school and she is the BEST. I'm so excited for Clark's year.

The good thing about this school is that the classes are by "old, middle, young". Clark is in the "old 3's" meaning that all of the kids in the class will be 4 by December. The only bad thing about doing things that way is that there about a million birthday parties before least it feels that way! So...since Clark is already four, he got to bring cupcakes for snack on the first day of school. He's in the owl class and I saw these on pinterest and thought they'd be perfect!

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