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Thursday, April 8, 2010


I know it's a bit late, but I wanted to get our Easter down in "the books". We had a very busy but great day! (let me also say that there are about 100 pictures posted...I'm sorry)

It started with Easter baskets and bed head:

Then it was time for church. It may seem cheesy to you, but I love the kids matching and it is HARD to find boy/girl things. Clark isn't really a knee sock and romper kind of boy so when I found these outfits I thought they were perfect.

After church:

Then it was time to go to Brody's parents for some Easter egg hunting and delicious barbecue:

And our final stop of the day...the church egg hunt:

After this egg hunt we went by my parents for more food and to get more treats. I actually didn't take any pictures over there...I don't know why I forgot...probably because I was worn OUT :) Nevertheless it was a great day celebrating Jesus and being with family and friends~


KMA said...

Personally I LOVE all the pictures!

Marta said...

Great pictures! Your kids are adorable! And I LOVE Clark's full-face smile! So precious.

Ashley said...

You know me, I love me some matching!! They look adorable! That shade of blue is very pretty!